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5 Different Types of Love Quotes

Updated on December 11, 2012

Quotes are lines or short-verses about something specific. Quotes are also called sayings or one-liners. Love quotes are sayings about love. There are basically 5 different kinds of love quotes. The following are the top 5 different categories of love quotes:

1. I Love You Quotes

This is by far the most popular, and most basic type of love quotes. People search for ‘i love you quotes’ a lot. Most people, perhaps, want their proposals to be amazing with the help of these quotes. And some, on the other hand, want to show their partners how deep their love is with the help of love quotes. It is indeed true that the effect sweet ‘i love you quotes’ have is simply superb.

2. Love Quotes for Him

When a girl wants to show her love to her boyfriend with the help of sweet words, she generally looks for ‘love quotes for him’. These quotes are specifically for some girl who wants to show her guy how special he is to her with the help of words. Most quotes are really beautiful, and have a lasting impression.

3. Love Quotes for Her

Guys are very romantic too. Many guys, therefore, search for beautiful love quotes for their girlfriends. Girls are generally more emotional, and hence, love this kind of quotes. When a guy wants good quotes for his girl, he may type something like – ‘sweet love quotes for her’, or ‘beautiful love quotes for her’, or simply ‘love quotes for her’.

4. Break-Up Quotes

Most people are totally devastated by break-ups. Therefore, they search for break-up quotes. Guys as well as girls search for this type of quotes. The quotes are basically heart-breaking, and are about hurt and pain that relationships give. Mostly, these quotes are sad; and in some cases, inspirational.

5. Missing You Quotes

People miss each other all the time, and there are amazing quotes out there about missing people. Most missing sayings are really great quotes, and very touching too. These quotes are mostly sad, and represent hurt and pain just like break-up love quotes and sayings.

The above 5 types of quotes are the most popular types of love quotes. There are many more different categories of love quotes too, which are not included in this list; but those quotes are less popular.

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What type of love quotes appeal to you the most?

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