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Love Sick

Updated on August 26, 2012

Welcome Readers

Rather you have felt or seen someone who is "love sick" when it happens it is very emotional for any one person to go threw.

Now I have a more simpler way at looking at it and championing being love sick. I define love sick to be when you can't let go of someone for whatever reasons. It maybe the hurt chains you to them, etc. Well love sick is real. It really does happen. It can happen to anyone. So if you know someone who is love sick the best advice for you to them is be a good friend. They may go on and on talking about this person or constantly keep bringing them up. Although, you must try to understand they really are going through a lot of pain. So just listen to them. Show understand and don't make them feel bad because they are hurting enough right now. If your love sick over someone, I have a few tips to make your transition to getting over it easier. It's not a quick fix, meaning its not something that will happen in ONE day but IF you work at it, I promise you that you will feel better soon. Even if your not ready to let go, just keep the information in mind.

Love Sick remedy #1

REMEMBER THE THINGS THAT YOU DIDN'T LIKE ABOUT THAT PERSON. The reason I say this and the reason its number one is because after a breakup with someone we was deeply invested in we tend to think of the good things they did. The times they made us laugh, the times they was their over anyone else, or the times when you can talk to them and they listened. This is like ripping open a fresh wound. Instead of hurting yourself with the good times, remember the things you didn't like. Now I'm not saying hate them, or walk around with anger, remember the stuff you didn't like because you can use that to identify how to do better next time. If someone else has the same personality as the ex then by looking at what you didn't like before you won't fall for it again. In simple words, you have to understand your past to move to the future. So instead of replaying the good, look at the bad and objectively say to yourself if you wasn't you what would you advice? Would you tell that person to put up with that? If the answer is no then remember you deserve to be treated with respect. Your not less than anyone.

Love Sick remedy #2

GET TO KNOW YOURSELF BETTER. This is so important and very overlooked. After you realize where your relationship went wrong and what you shouldn't have accepted from someone. You should then turn to look at yourself. You have to understand your own emotions. You have to be honest with yourself. You need to admit that your hurt. You need to admit you could have done better. You need to admit that you loved and lost. Now you need to be your OWN best friend. You need to understand what makes you happy. What goals you have in life. What you can do to pull yourself up. The BEST type of 'revenge' is doing better than when you was with them for yourself and really being happy. That saying as cruel as it is, is true. The best thing you can do for yourself is to pull yourself together and stand up strong. It shows how much you have grown and how much stronger you have become. No matter if you truly feel it or not yet. Just BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Love Sick remedy #3

DON'T LOOK BACK! Once you have completed to your satisfaction steps 1 and 2 you now should never look back. Think of it like this, you have done your grieving, your crying, your pain, and now your not looking at them anymore, your looking past them. Don't look at pictures, or status posts by them or even take the time to wonder what they are doing. WHY? Because when you do that your putting the power back into the other person's hands over you. In simple words, its like a fly to a spider web. Your the fly who is stuck in the web. Now the spider can drain the life out you without difficultly. You have to really cut them off. No half stepping. It's not easy when you loved someone, some people never do it, they just become bitter and think about what was or could have been. If you want to be one of those people then that's YOUR choice. It's really a matter of taking yourself serious. If that person for whatever reasons left and hasn't looked back. Why should you? Even if they do look back, do you want someone who will build your hopes, your love up for them again, only to see them turn away and leave again? I'm sure the pain you feel will pass if you let go of it. You just have to let go of the fears you have if you do. You need to hold your head up and look past them not at them anymore.

Final Advice

This is advice is not coming from someone who hasn't been their many times before. I have. I can personally tell you it took me awhile but finally I was able to compose a list of what I needed to do to get myself together. This three steps as simple as it was for me to write them down on paper that day, was not easy for me to do. I remember getting so mad at myself because I told myself its only three steps! Well they minus well had been mountains. I did fail a few times, but I didn't give up. Everyday I worked at it. Step by step. Until I was finally free from the pain. I actually felt more confident and sexy. It does work and you will find happiness again. Just because your heartbroken today doesn't mean in a year from that day you will be. Unless you soak in the pain. Take it like this, it is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all. (I love that proverb) It is true because when you lose someone you can gain so much more wisdom and knowledge. You really should say thank you to the ex when they leave you. WHY? Because in a month, two months, whenever you will have gained so much more wisdom and knowledge that you will pick up someone so much better. Love is a risk and nothing ventured nothing gained. So don't regret what you did or didn't do, because at the end of the road now you know and can do better. Thank you for reading and if you would like to leave a comment on the bottom of the page your more than welcome to do so. Until next time be well and take care of yourself. :)


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