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Love Spells Do They Work - Love Spells That Work-Online Psychic Readings

Updated on March 8, 2011
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Love Spells Do They Work-Love Spells That Work-Online Pyschic

Love spells, love spells that work, spell for love, love magic, online psychic readings, magic spells and the love tarot. If your looking for love spells or a spell of love for someone that you are hoping to bring back a romance with or to begin a new romance, then using a little white magic to cast a spell to that special someone may be just what you need.

Spell for love and spells that work is a form of love magic which can be implemented through the use of charms, love potions, written spells, amulets, dolls and other rituals. Love spells can be sought through online psychics although most will admit love spells are more effective if they are performed alone.

Every spell has a special meaning and detailed attention should be considered before performing a love spell or attraction spell to cast for love.

There are all sorts of love spells that can be cast to someone that you are in love with and by using different elements to be used to bring that special someone closer to you. The purpose of your spell should be one of good intentions to be successful unlike black magic used to bring harm in someones path.

Candles are one source of elements that can be used along with written notes or sayings to create a good love spell. Witches experienced in love spells often create their own spells some of which can be used time and time again.

If a spell that is something you want to use to send to someone you admire deeply and some of the elements aren't readily available at your disposal then adding something to suit your needs would be the same as writing your own spell.

So Do Love Spells Work

It is up to the individual whether or not the love spells work or don't work. Using an attraction spell is not a way to force someone to love you rather it is used to find true love. True love is that which is meant to be and with the proper energy and intentions the forces of nature will bring you and that person of interest closer together.

Using the power of your mind and good intentions along with the energy you transmit into the spell is what can help make a spell one that works for you.

Spell To Bring A Lost Love Back to You

Items Needed:

  • a piece of red yarn
  • a small amount of dried rosemary
  • a small envelope
  • a small coin you have found on the street or outdoors


Write the name of your love on the inside of the envelope

Rub the coin with the rosemary and holding the coin and the rosemary in your clenched fist, repeat your love's name four times, each time facing a different direction. First north, then east, then south, and finally west.

Seal the coin in the envelope, kiss the envelope and roll it up. Tie the red yarn around the envelope. Put it away in one of your favorite places.

Take the rosemary outdoors and cast it to the wind while thinking to yourself, "come back to me, come back to me, come back to me". You have enabled your wish to travel on the wind--to seek and retrieve your love.


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    • voodoospell profile image

      voodoospell 6 years ago from 1958 South 950 East Provo

      Nice tips in this hub regarding how to come back a true love in your life.

    • profile image

      Love Spell 6 years ago

      Interesting Article!