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Love and Hammocks

Updated on March 16, 2011

Love and Hammocks


The hammock swings

to the tune of crickets strumming

The night is clear and crisp

A breeze encircles the trees

and climbs down

to cover us with it's chill.

I am warm however

through and through

For I have your arms around me

holding me close

and squeezing me tightly.

As my lips part

to receive your kiss

I close my eyes

and my senses take in

all that is around me .

The dark sky

spattered with glowing stars;

the whisper of leaves

as they dance on a current of wind.

The rocking of our platform

suspended in air, is soothing

as we move in closer

and wrap ourselves around each other.

Making love in a hammock.

What a wonderful time.

Our skin makes contact

and you enter me with such ease.

The stars sparkle and laugh

The trees bend closer to watch

The squirrels scrit across the branches

and we moan with delight.

I feel beautiful and loved.

You, so strong but so gentle.

Moving so tenderly

Knowing how to stroke me just so

I am dancing on clouds

and skipping with raindrops

Scaling the highest of mountains

and lassoing the moon

This moment that I am with you.



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