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Love and Luv: What this means for you

Updated on October 2, 2010
Yay, love!
Yay, love!
I love you! (Jeff Thomas art)
I love you! (Jeff Thomas art)
What's luv?
What's luv?
Are we 3 years old?
Are we 3 years old?

The truth of love and luv

Now there is a common misuse of the word, love. Its been abused and tossed around more than a beach ball at a cliché spring break party. Not only is it sad, its absolutely pitiful that something so powerful has lost its true meaning through the decades. Mainstream has morphed something that used to mean the world when someone said it to you into a shit sandwich.

I know, who the crap wants that? NOT ME!, says I.

So, yours truly has been sent here to educate you on the hidden meanings of these ways to say “I love you”. In the information that fallows you will be better aware of your surroundings when someone clams to care. You’ll find truth in my words, and I hope you’ll make use of them.

1.) I love you - This is the correct way to tell someone you love them. This is how you know someone really means what they say when they say it. The moment you hear/see these words, smile for you are blessed. Your heart is safe from dismay this day. If you are the one saying these words, then you are truly great. It means that you have combed your mind and every dictionary you could get your hands on to find just the right words to say. Realizing then that nothing else would quite sum up how you truly felt quite like these words. So simple, yet the universe’s vastness in meaning is held in them.

2.) I luv you or I luv u - This is the biggest bunch of crap you will ever see. Even in text (cell phone lingo) its lame. How lazy and halfhearted do you have to be to seriously send that to someone as a declaration of admiration of intense magnitudes? If you have gotten something like this, be weary. The persons or person is full of it. If they’re too lazy to type it in correct English, they aren’t worth it. They have commitment issues and they don’t plan on really sticking around too long. If you have sent this to someone, don’t even think about trying to justify yourself here. Grow some and be honest! Stop being so lazy with grammar if you really mean it.

3.) I <3 u or I heart you - This is something you say to your friend, not your bf/gf. This is even more lazy than the “luv u” and even less meaningful. If you have a heart and it truly beats for someone else, spell it out! That type of BS is only cute when you’re still in elementary school and you’re still new to your big kid undies.

There you have it my friends. Dear hearts of the world looking for answers. Don’t let yourself be fooled into pain when you know you deserve so much better than a half stitch effort. You deserve the world and you have a right to ask for it. Don’t question your worth, know that you are amazing as you are. Be true to you and those that honestly care for you. Never let yourself fall into the habit of a lie just to get what you want and run off the first chance you get. Love is still one of the purest of things left on this earth. Embrace it as such. Show the past that we haven’t completely lost sight and the future how its done.


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    • triosol profile image

      triosol 7 years ago

      Excellent Hub. Voted Up.