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Love and is it possible?

Updated on April 4, 2014

How does love work? many people think that love is an emotion...wrong. I, for the longest time, thought it was a choice...wrong. So then what is it?

Some people get a taste of it and then it turns toxic, sending them in a downward spiral as they search for the first taste feeling all over again. Others find and it seems to last all of their life time. And still others taste the bitterness of loves betrayals and give up. Has love done any of this to you?

This is because love is something that will shock you. Love as the ability to seem like an emotion or even a choice but in the end it is completely different and much more dangerous when abused then people realize.

Love is a Chemical Reaction in the Brain! I am serious.

Ke$ha- Your Love is My Drug


Yes, Love is in fact a chemical reaction in the brain. It is actually a reaction similar to drug use. When a person uses an addictive substance the brain produces a chemical called oxytocin. Well the same chemical is produced in the brain when a person forms a trust bond or falls in love.

Now does that change the way you view love? think about that Kesha song from years it makes sense now when you hear the line in Dark Horse about getting addicted, doesn't it? That is right love is an addiction.

That is why people continuously search for the the first feeling of love over and over again, and once a lover fails to produce this chemical reaction they move on. Other peoples Chemical bond in their brains are so hard to break that they last for their lifetime. Still others fail to search for it because they cannot understand it.

This might make you wonder why some people don't understand love...maybe you think they are cruel or heartless...this is not true. While these people may never understand "in-love", they do love but by choice just usually as friends. Why? Chances are these people have lived through traumatic experience and so they have a much harder time producing he chemical reaction to fall in love.

So there you have it love is a chemical substance that other drugs mimic. So the Answer is Yes Love is possible.


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    • Erin Boggs1 profile image

      Erin Boggs1 3 years ago from Western Maryland

      lol yes, love is very much an addiction. With a little science it has been proven to be so lol

    • profile image

      Pilgrim 3 years ago

      Didn't i mention to you... love...addiction... lol