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Love and the Man in Lingerie, Part One: The Nature of Love

Updated on October 13, 2009

Love is a many petaled bicycle. As a child, one wonders what all the fuss is about, preferring to eat dirt and steal candy. The world is a simple place divided into things that you can eat and things that hurt when you touch them. Then at some point between the age of 10 and 99, one falls in love for the first time and realizes in that instant just how hollow and meaningless their existence was before they found this love. The world is bright, and this new feeling seems to encompass the mind, the body, even the soul. You know when you gaze into the eyes of the one you love that you will love them not just in this life time, but in a thousand more to come.

Then he or she is caught on grainy camera footage indulging in indecencies, and this bright blissful world is shattered in an instant. The heart is broken, and it seems as if love is gone not just from one's own life, but from the entire world. Those who claim to be in love are nothing more than hormonal droids acting on instinct, carrying out their mating and their breeding with all the aplomb of dividing amoeba.

For a time all is dull and dreary, then comes the stirring of desire, carnal impulses demanding to be fulfilled, a spark of light on the horizon bodes well for a new day, and love begins anew.

That alone is complicated enough for most people, but its even worse for those who break gender taboos and live outside the lines that society has drawn in haste and hysteria to try to control the masses and make the mess that is reality try to fit some kind of coherent pattern.

If a man who wore lingerie was a celibate hermit, he would essentially have no problems at all. Ironically, the bulk of problems for men who like to wear lingerie actually arise from the difficulties associated with finding a female partner who won't head for the hills when she espies brassiere lines under a business shirt. She thinks he's effeminate, she thinks he might even be gay, in reality he just wants to keep his panties on whilst he's getting into hers.

Oh the many love woes of the man who wears lingerie.

Now that we've taken some time to empathize with the issues that beset the poor fellow cursed with a love of lingerie, we can explore the options avaliable to him in part two of this series, why not just get rid of it?


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