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Is love at first sight really possible?

Updated on November 8, 2013

'The only true love is love at first sight; second sight dispels it.'- Israel Zangwill

Do want to the greatest story of love at first sight?

it is the story of Lord Rama and Sita.Their first meeting had all the beautiful ingredients of great love. In India, we still bless married couples to live like them. Such was the love they had for each other.

Love at first sight!

The great Indian epic The Ramayana is known for the divine love between Lord Rama and Sita. There is a scene in the epic which is adored by all youngsters, as it symbolizes true love. Lord Rama is on the way to attend the gathering of princes who have assembled to prove their strength in order to marry Princess Sita.

Two eyes meet in divine love!

While on his way to the palace Lord Rama looks up and what does he see? He sees the beautiful Princess in the palace balcony and for a second Sita also looks at Rama and from that moment she acknowledges him as her husband and Lord Rama also considers her his wife.

It was love at first sight and to this date the love both had for each other is always an epitome of what true love should be. In India if any couple is very compatible, we always say that they are like Rama and Sita.

But today can we have such true love at first sight?

I doubt it very much. Of course, it is possible to be attracted to one another at first sight, but to consider that as pure love is asking too much.What attracts you to another person of the opposite sex? Invariably it is the physical attraction that rules your heart.

Infatuated love

If you think it is love and fall into a relationship, you are bound to be disappointed as when the attraction you felt peters out, there is nothing left for you in it. Most of the youngsters are very emotional as their blood runs warm in their veins and when they are attracted by a girl\boy, they are impulsive enough to call it love.

Adolescence love is not love, but infatuation, though you will not agree. What makes your love last? It is not physical attraction, but much more. True love involves compatibility, tolerance, giving in to one another and many more. How will this be possible from someone you have just seen? How will you know who is the right person for you?

You meet a girl\boy and you are attracted to her\him. Your inner mind tells you that she\he is the right person for you. You want to meet the person again and make efforts to keep in contact. You spend euphoric days with her\him and you are in cloud nine.

You outgrow your first love

But what happens after a few months? You somehow are not that ecstatic about meeting the girl\boy. You outgrow her\him and your eyes are captivated by yet another attractive person. So the love which you felt was true, is not true at all and is all infatuation.

What if the love at first sight becomes more than a physical attraction and grows from strength to strength?

Now you can proclaim that you have stepped into a world of actual and virtual love. You both complement each other and this becomes a very essential ingredient for your thriving love . When you both feel lost if you do not see each other and when you feel he\she is the person who can give solace to your problems, it means you have truly found your life partner.

Your reflection in the person you love!

Do not be impulsive in love and brood in regret later. Love should blossom and bloom with the loving fragrance of understanding, care and emotional belonging . When you think that a girl\boy is the person for you by the physical attraction you feel, your love will not flourish. But when you get inside the person and see a reflection of you, it means you have made the right choice.

© 2012 mathira


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    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

      I lovged this gem mathira and without a doubt yes it is possible to feel love at first glance.

      I did this second time round and I am so happy with my friend,soul mate and partner.

      Thank you for sharing this gem.


    • monkeyminds profile image

      monkeyminds 5 years ago from My Tree House

      Love is something we do, facilitated by something we feel.

      When I fell in love it was like Einstein's power over which you have no control and Newton's attractive force. I wrote songs, and poems, and learned calligraphy just to sign cards. I had one single purpose in life, and that was to conquer my mate, cause her to love me…to ‘make her mine.’ I would have done anything to accomplish that goal. For all intents and purposes, I was temporarily insane.

      That was the chemical response. Norepenephrine, Dopamine, and Seratonin kicking in, and giving me the needed boost to overcome my fears and to 'win her heart.' My wife and I have been together for 26 years, and that is because of the choices we made and make daily. When the chemicals wore off, the choices held us together. The commitment, the hard work and the dedication keep us together to this day. The chemicals may kick in from time to time, but not to the level they did during the courtship and certainly not to the level of ‘temporary insanity.’

      I chose her...then the chemicals kicked in. Love is first and foremost a choice.

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 5 years ago from chennai

      Very true ChitrangadaSharan.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      For me, love at first sight is not possible. Love grows over the years , of togetherness. When one person sees the other person's commitment, understanding, respect and sacrifices for each other, the love grows and evolves and never breaks.

    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 5 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      I dont think it is possible. However, in hindsight, it can appear possible if things carry on working out from the first meeting.

      I think love is a different thing for each and every person and different kinds of love exist between different people. Like taking holidays to some different far flung places with each person.

      Depending on who you meet and what you both want of course :)

    • The Invincible profile image

      Hitesh Bubbar 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Love never seems to find me at the first sight. I've fell in love at may be fourth or fifth meeting, but never really at the first sight.

      I guess, you are just infatuated first off when you see a gorgeous personality coming in.... What are your views on this?