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Love is Dark

Updated on September 11, 2015

Love is dark and that is why those who have walked the darkest part of love are afraid to trade on the path of love again.

Many where lost in the darkness and they now teach that there is no light in love.

Yes, love can be dark that is why it takes strength and courage to step into the path of love. Cowards are afraid of falling in love because they do not know what darkness they would meet when darkness come upon them.

Only the brave and the courageous boldly trade the path of love for they know that they can fight to stay on the path. Many of them win the battle and few succeed to light up love if they find the secret of love.

Some lovers are strong enough to overcome darkness.

Some lovers bring light into the darkest part of love.

Many were wounded in the darkness.

Many fell in the darkness.

Many are weak to continue.

Many can’t even wake up and try again or they are afraid to try again and again.

Many are willing to try again but they do not know where to find true love, joy, and happiness.

Yet, the truth that we have failed to consider is that love is dark because we created the darkness and only we can purify love, once again.


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