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To Fall Victim of Romance

Updated on February 20, 2015

Silly, silly me,

To fall victim of romance,

When I know I can't dance.

My two left feet get in my way,

On my shoulder my heart stays.

Abuse me with verbal lashing,

Though the media states 'it's not in fashion'.

You have to love in order to hate

I know these feelings will seal my fate.

To hate the lips I can no longer taste.

To hate the body that is not yours to take.

To hate the love I cannot escape.

"Trust those who are seeking the truth.

Doubt those who find it."

"And, that if nothing was the truth,

then all things were the 'truth',

the world itself was the truth".....


Desire, Desire, Desire...............

even in its WILDEST of tantrums

Can neither persuade me it is love,

Nor stop me from wishing it were.

"We made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves."

Sort through the confusion.

Contradictions of life,

So that I can find out who I really am.

I must be done with the past,

Not cling to it.

Write down my liabilities:

Guilt, Shame, Remorse, Self Pity, Resentment,

Anger, Depression, Frustration, Confusion,

Loneliness, Anxiety, Betrayal, Helplessness,

Failure, Fear, and Denial........


I could sorta...maybe.....

is this how it's supposed to be?

So repetitive;

Again and Again....

floating, flooding, drowning, fighting.................

Every tear that I cry,

Your smile is inside.

Just another silly,crazy, bittersweet day in paradise.

— Helen Kramer

Silly Boys Become Silly Men

Silly boys only become silly men.  They never stop hunting.
Silly boys only become silly men. They never stop hunting.

What is better, to love and lose or to never love at all?

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Are you a romantic person? 1 star - No/ 5 stars -yes

A Great Song by Uncle Kracker ~ Drift Away

© 2011 Helen Kramer


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