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Love is a many splendor-ed thing

Updated on April 14, 2011

“Love is a many splendored thing” This statement is beautiful. It paints in my head images of a rainbow, not just any rainbow but the most beautiful rainbow anyone ever has seen. It holds in that single image, shimmering sparkling faces in the rainbow of those I hold dear to me, to my heart. We all love to see a good romantic comedy, okay Ill amend that to most of us. I know there are plenty of people who find romance nauseating if not downright ludicrous. They believe it to be a sign of weakness, or even something very passé, belonging to the ages of Romeo and Juliet. A lost art even, not something that is realistic in the present day and age that we live in.

Well I like to believe that love is as real as it was back then. The intensity, the swirl of emotions, the ability to feel complete in that one nanosecond when love overwhelms, like there is not one other thing in the world that matters than that single moment is something every single person has experienced. I do not claim to love like Romeo and Juliet, but I do believe that we all have this propensity to love and that it is the very essence of our life to love. If that were not the case why do you think researchers have linked many negative emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy and more to many debilitating illnesses. If one could love above all that stood in the way, if it is possible to shut out the clamoring voices and the urges that surround us every day, wouldn’t love shine through?

I think most of the time, it is the details that create the problem in any situation. Individuals, families, nations and many other larger entities are continually plotting about the latest weaponry, stealth devices, super satellites that track your every breath even. How many look at instruments, methods and people that can disperse this light airy feeling that simply makes us want to burst into song. Why not research into the many ways to dispense joy. To make use of positivity to battle the world’s most incurable illnesses. How difficult would it be to give love a chance? To give laughter a moment to simply wash away the anger that threatens to ruin it all.

I wonder if when there was the Garden of Eden, is this what God meant for man to be. I wonder if that wily snake had not made its appearance would we even know what it is to live in any other way but than in love, joy and laughter. I wonder if given a chance would mankind embrace love and peace. Stories of hatred, of passion leading to murder, of the worst kind of nightmares we could inflict upon each other crowd the news. In the midst of that a tiny beacon shines when you read of  someone visiting a crowded jail to murder the man who left them bathed in their father’s blood. You hear of love conquering and forgiveness transcending all the hatred and the doubt that your mind is full of. How cynical are we today that even the good gestures which come our way are seen through the eyes of doubt, that we simply refuse to believe in an act being good simply because it is. How wonderful life would be, if love were all, if every act was just that, not a million machinations, intentions and planning behind it. If we could be scatterbrained, careless and happily drunk in the joy that is the many splendored rainbow called LOVE.


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