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Love like a knife, quick and sharp

Updated on March 6, 2014
Funny how a break up makes you appreciate an empty life
Funny how a break up makes you appreciate an empty life | Source
The infamous Todd Belker at work
The infamous Todd Belker at work | Source
Oh, how Todd could charm the panties off of any debutant
Oh, how Todd could charm the panties off of any debutant | Source

Looking back four years . . .

It was a great ride as they say. The ones who taste success with their love life. Success? I can vomit freely now that Todd is history. You know, Shane, I loved him. Loved him more than any guy I have ever dated or loved. The kind of love, oh Shane, forgive me for being so girly with these tears. I can't help it! First today, Saturday morning, my favorite time of the week, my period starts, I have gained four pounds--curse the Chinese food last night, and then Todd prances in to tell me that "we" are done. Over and through.

Hey, Shane! Call Taylor Swift's agent. This event would make a great song for her.

Uh, Shannon, she already has plenty of "love sob songs." I could call Rhiena or some other female rapper . . .

Are you stupid, Shane??? Really? My life is dust and you want to get a rapper to do the music to my emotional storm? You are more stupid than a tree!

Death would feel good compared to my heart being broken
Death would feel good compared to my heart being broken | Source

Love is quick, and sharp like a knife

when you know it's over. Your breath is short. Your heart beats abnormally. Your life does pass before your eyes, even if Todd sometimes treated me like dirt. I was quick to forgive and know that he was trying to change for me. Yeah, right. Some changes. Her name was Barbara Slidell, an assistant manager at the bank where he worked. One night they had to do some bank stuff and wham, their eyes met, her skirt came off and the rest is a history that is so nasty that a swamp in Louisiana would be an ideal place to live.

Things will work out . . . aww, whom am I  kidding?
Things will work out . . . aww, whom am I kidding? | Source

Comedians use jokes to make people feel good

There isn't one joke or funny thing that can make me get over Todd right now. It's just me and this huge apartment, my puppy, "Dizzy," and my college sorority sisters who call me every weekend to go partying. How they can stay so horny all the time is beyond me. I never saw it coming, Todd hitting me broad-side like he just did. I give him credit. I wasn't even thinking about breaking up. I bet he wonders now if he made the right decision. Naaahhhh, he is a bastard and bastards do not let a broken woman like me pass through their minds.

There goes four years up in smoke
There goes four years up in smoke | Source

It just went up in smoke. Gone. Vanished

Girls are very stupid, and believing everything that comes out of the mouth of a devil named Todd Belker. He was "it." He looked great all of the time. He smelled good. His manners were perfect. He didn't drink that much. Plus he was all mine when we were clubbing. And what did that Barbara person have that I didn't. I am in great sexual health. No STD's or anything. That sure helps right now. I am so hurt that my mind aches.

Crying like a baby is  what girls like me do when we are dumped.
Crying like a baby is what girls like me do when we are dumped. | Source

Come on, tears and do your job

that's what girls like me do when they are dumped. Dumped like a load of garbage in a landfill. Oh, I guess in time I will find another guy who is more human than serpent. Todd was a serpent in a Brooks Bros. three-piece suit. Now he and Barbara are having a ball and on my money that I gave him last week for he said he was almost broke. Idiot. That's me, falling for two icy-blue eyes and nice teeth. I swear by everything holy that I am going to crawl out of this dump and one day I am going to be healed, for I am a woman. And women survive.

So this is that crossroads they told me about
So this is that crossroads they told me about | Source

I sincerely hope Todd and Barbara the best

And that is all I am wishing them. Notice how I instantly-changed from wishing them to burn in Hell, to "my best"? I am growing little by little and moment by moment.

I am not dead by any means. I am alive. I may be beaten emotionally and scarred mentally by this ordeal orchestrated by Todd . . .

But look! I am here. Ms. Shannon Bixby, manager of the Quick Pay on the corner of Wilson and Murdock.

Oh . . .what did you say?

Todd who?


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    • catgypsy profile image


      4 years ago from the South

      You sure now about emotions and so expertly write about them. Great hub, as usual, Kenneth!

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Great hub and so meaningful. Your work is interesting always with much to think about.

    • mgt28 profile image


      4 years ago

      Oh Ken, you are at it again. You have a niche on these matters.


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