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Love, the endless possiblites

Updated on February 17, 2013

Love is real.

The greatest gift in the world is to learn how to love and be loved. Well there isn't just one kind of love there are a few. We will explore these different aspects and you can determine what each means to you and if they play a specific role in your life. The first kind of love is, Familial Love, it's the unconditional love that we feel for our family. The reason we spend so much around the holidays and the reason we are who we are. Our family is the unit that keeps us humble and hopefully is the support system for us throughout our lives. Family should come first and the love for our family and mainly our parents, is what we ultimately determine what shapes our love for others. Can you think of a moment in time, when you felt the most loved by your family? Try to keep that feeling with you for as long as you live. This kind of love is probably the easiest to comprehend. The things we do for our family we probably wouldn't do for others. For our family we over extend ourselves we go above and behind out of the respect for the people that gave us life. The people that taught us our first words. how to ride a bike. This love is everlasting and usually cherished beyond measure. This is not to say that our family is blood related, there are different types of family units and people who claim as part of our family.

Love is in the air


Another kind of love is romantic love. This one is probably the most complex. When to love and who to love often comes into play. How long should you love and what we perceive as love is also an issue. Love for another human being is suppose to be the most beautiful and mesmerizing thing in the world. You may ask yourself, what does it feel like? Have you ever been in love or were you merely in infatuation? Infatuation can often present itself as love,but do not be fooled. Infatuation is more like a drug that leaves your system after a certain period of time. How about love at first sight. Can this be explained? It's usually different strokes for different folks. We can not expect everyone to have our level of emotions and our views on love. Just in case your not sure here are some things that it's not. It's not painful, it's not meant to hurt you. It's uplifting and inspiring and it makes you want to be a better person inside and out. It's a cool drink of water when your parched. A shoulder to cry on when your distressed. A rub on your back when your sore and can't go on. It's a look that says I'm here and your safe with me. It's the calm when the storm arises. It's the peace of mind when your thoughts have gone astray, It's serene, peaceful, and beautiful., Like an ocean wave brushing against a rock, it's strong and reoccurring It's unbreakable like a thick strong chain, it's the extra push at the end of a long day, it's magic! It's a feeling you can fly with birds and swim with dolphins. It's the gentle wind that tickles the trees. It's everything and anything that makes you happy.Take a minute and think about love, how would you describe it?

Have you ever been in love?

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F.L.Y. First Love Yourself


The third kind of love that we will explore is self love. Yes, how well do you love yourself? Sadly, this kind of love is not taught and sometimes simply over looked. We spend such a great deal of time loving others and neglecting ourselves. Well ask yourself, how much do you love you? Can you stand to be alone with yourself for a while without being bothered? Do you treat yourself nicely and give yourself good motivational talks? Truth be told, most people lack love for themselves and that often attributes to the low self esteem we see in our societies If you have been neglecting yourself, here are a few things to get back in touch with you. One do something that pleases you and only you, this may be looked upon as selfish. However, if you don't take care of you, you really won't be any good for others. If we don't take time for ourselves we may get swallowed alive by what others want and need. Two, try and relax, this gives your mind a break as well as your body. sounds simple enough but sometimes in this fast paced world relaxing is hard to do. Three, feed your soul, yes learn what that means for you. It can be anything that's pleasing and gives you a sense of love for yourself. Self love should not be over looked and should be taught to children so they know how to cherish themselves. When we love ourselves we can then loves others, love starts from the source and moves outward and recycles back again. The more we give, the more we get, but it's important to replenish the home base so that there an endless supply.

According to Agape


God Is Love

The fourth kind of love is called Agape. It is the belief that god is love. God not only loves but he is love itself, It teaches us to have this kind of love. Depending on your belief system this love may exist, it may not. You may not believe in a higher power, you may only believe in nature and that can also be a form of love.. Agape love teaches to give love in the way that God would. It is not a sappy kind of love that is portrayed in romantic love. It's a love that is based on the bible and Christ.

What ever your beliefs are they are yours to have. Maybe you don't believe in love at all, and you feel it's just something people make up to get themselves threw the day. That may be the case but please know some things exist whether you believe in them or not.

Spread Love and Light.


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