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The Best Way To Love Your Man

Updated on August 22, 2016

Photos of husbands and wives who work diligently to maintain their marriages based on Bible principles.

Real Men Make Great Husbands

I sat in the movie theater with my husband watching #Tyler Perry's movie, Why Did I Get Married Too. It made me sad to think that married couples scream at each other like that showing such a lack of respect. The concept of cheating on each other was discussed over and over. A wife checked the mileage on her husband's car to make sure he was not cheating. Abusive speech between the mates penetrated my ears and heart. Violent fights between the couples that were very disturbing. I am well aware that this was a movie but it still left me thinking, "do people really live and love this way?"

I turned and looked at my husband while we watched these #negative roles of husbands and wives. He reached for my hand and I grabbed his. I silently thanked God, that I love this man because he carries himself like a real man. No, he is not perfect and neither am I. Yes, this was a movie and exaggerated drama sometimes make entertaining movies. My concern is whether people viewed these couples as examples of how married people can love and live together as man and wife. Real men and women definitely avoid speech and conduct that dishonors marriage. In a marriage the husband is alert to the emotional needs of his wife. Real men also recognize these attributes and how vital they are within a relationship. In most instances they love and worship the true God which gives them the real foundation as to how to treat their wives. This man will demonstrate these qualities not only because he loves his wife but also because he loves and tries to apply what God tells him based on the Bible. We need to show more of these type of men in the movie industry so that they can become examples for what a real man is like. They show honor and give support to their wives. It is easy therefore to love these men because they are real men who make great husbands. May we recognize and acknowledge more of these type of men because they really do exist.


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