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Loving a Soldier Isn't Easy

Updated on June 6, 2011

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Long distance relationships are a tough obstacle to overcome.

Dating or being married to a soldier can be one of the most difficult things for a person to face. They get deployed to places thousands of miles away and sometimes cannot even call more than once a month. The person at home with the status of waiting can only sit and wonder and cry and miss them with hopes that things will be normal again in a year when he/she returns. There are no concrete answers to our prayers or any feelings of satisfaction unless the relationship was started off right before your soldier left.


Loving a soldier and surviving isn't going to be easy without the proper relationship establishment. Certain aspects of the relationship need to be determined and confirmed in each the soldier and the waitees minds. Basically they need to know they love each other and must establish a firm loyalty and dedication to each other.


Trusting your G.I Joe/Jane is the most important thing. You have more freedom being at home and are expected to do the right thing, but he/she is sometimes in a completely foreign and new environment. They're going to get excited about the different things in the atmosphere. My man was stationed in Germany basically waiting to be sent to a war zone. The boys got to go off base and explore the place, including the Red Light District. If I didn't know that he loved me and that hookers grossed him out, I wouldn't of been able to get that worry out of my head.


A long distance relationship cannot go on successfully without honesty. Yeah, my soldier went to the red light district, but he told me about it which only reassured me of how grossed out he gets by foreign prostitutes. Fortunately I am able to contact him via the internet so he gets updates about what is new and exciting in my life and we do just fine.


The third thing you need to have a successful relationship with a soldier is the mutual love and desire towards each other. As a couple you have to share the same goals for your futures. They have to know undoubtedly that they want to be with each other to get through the deployment. The goals for the future just helps by giving each of the something to look forward to when the soldier returns.


Communication is not always available, but ever opportunity it is should be taken advantage of. Little bits of information go a long way. A letter saying I miss you or an email letting them know you're thinking about them and you still love them is a big deal. The waitee and the soldier don't get to hear those things everyday and it'll bring a smile to their faces.

Loving a soldier isn't an easy thing to do, but if the relationship is established on a firm foundation of trust, honesty, love, and loyalty then there's more than a great chance that it will fluorish and be successful for a long time.


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