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Married To a Fool Until Freed To Marry Another

Updated on May 8, 2013

Discordance in Marriage

I have often sat and wondered why marriages don’t last in America and most parts of the world these days. Thank god for the recent famous royal wedding that occurred between Prince William and Princess Kate. This couple did us proud by restoring the sanctity and honour of marriage in society which we needed desperately. Most broken marriages find root in discordance or incompatibility with regard to character which more often than not, lead to separation and worse still, divorce.

Not all handsome men find concordance with the most beautiful of spouses. A discordant couple will always yearn for a separation despite their initial commitment to love and care for each other. God hates divorce, period. The allowance he gave to Moses to allow divorce among Israelites was due to man being stiff necked.

The law never allowed for divorce. The only legal way of parting from your marriage vows was and still is through the demise of your spouse. Any widow or widower is free to marry owing to the absence of binding vows. This does not imply that you murder them. This would amount to adding injury to misery because; when two are married they become one in spirit, hurting one party does the same to the other automatically - love it or hate it.

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The beginning of Divorce

Marriage has its roots and seal in the Garden of Eden between Adam, Eve and God. This is also where we witness the beginning of divorce from love, the core of the union between man, woman and God. Adam disobeyed God my consuming the forbidden fruit which was extended to him by Eve. Divorce symbolizes the parting of ways between man and God. It marks the devil’s victory in foiling God’s plan for mankind between man, woman and God himself. Again, God hates divorce. He clearly displays this fact using the Old Testament and shows how things ought to be when it comes to matters of marriage in relation to our attachment to him.

The world has for a long time wondered about the modern Christian and how he/she fails to appeal to the sinner enough to convince them to be Christians. Let the world know that every Christian suffers from Spiritual Schizophrenia (Mahoney, 1993). This is a dual personality mindset where the victim displays two different people. One side yearns to be sweet, kind, nice, gracious, wonderful, joyful, peaceful and lovely while the other side tends to be sour, sharp-spoken, mean, short-tempered, miserable and too hard to live with. This is a very immature and non-spiritual form of life (Mahoney, 1993).

The dual personality sets in when every one of us receives Christ and the Holy Spirit comes into our lives. We are expected to live a spirit-led life of victory where the old self (Old Man) is replaced by the New Man in Christ, the flesh is replaced by the spirit, the soulish man by the spiritual man and the carnal mind is replaced by the spiritual man. Until this happens, the conflict remains. Paul vividly illustrates this aspect of our lives in Romans Chapter 5 to 8. Our new nature always yearns for a marriage with righteousness. The conflict that is evident in our lives draws a lot of criticism and condemnation from a world that least understands the hidden conditions therein as if they know better than the Christian does.


Beautiful Abigail married to foolish Nabal until David comes by

Romans 7:1-14 show the status of any woman bound by marriage vows to a husband and how death breaks these vows liberating the woman to marry again. The spiritual implication of this story in 1Samuel 25 describes the life of Abigail, a very wise beautiful, noble and gracious woman who is married to Nabal (read – conditions likened to your life under the Law of Moses).

Nabal (read – your old sinful Adamic nature inherited from birth) is a rude, mean stubborn inconsiderate fool who is always drunk and extremely offensive. David, an anointed heir to that throne of Isreal (read – a type of Christ to whom we desire to be married in order to inherit the new nature) is irked by Nabal’s offensive attitude so much that he desires to kill Nabal who is rescued by his wife’s intervention, but later dies of shock after he learns about his mistake and expected consequences from his actions towards David.

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Free to marry another one

Thereafter, David proposes to Abigail and marries her thus saving her from a foolish unclean, crude, uncouth, smelly drunkard husband (Old, ignorant sinful nature). The Old Man must therefore die. It is not possible to personally remove the Old Nature from our lives. Only God can do this.

We must be willing to allow God to kill Nabal for us. The problem with most people is that they love Nabal too much to let go. Before you encounter Christ, you will always remain married to Nabal the fool. Easter holiday reminds us of our freedom from the bondage of Nabal’s cruelty.

The coming of Christ into our lives rescued us from our old sinful Adamic nature when God took us who were inside Adam, placed us inside Jesus (He came through a woman-clay, as Son of the Soil-Adamah) and then nailed us on the cross for the remissions of our sins.

I challenge you to release your Nabal to God. Marriage is spiritually tied to your life. Next time you tie your knot and utter the words “Till death do us part” remember, this is true not only physically, but also spiritually. No wonder your mouth proclaims your destiny.


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