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Mail Order Brides, Mail Order Lingerie

Updated on October 13, 2009

You can get anything online these days...

Sometimes two things come together magically, creating something better than either element could ever be on it's own. Examples include things like cauliflower and cheese sauce, or McCain and Sarah Palin.

I think I have discovered one of these magical combinations lurking in the ether of the Internet. Many men say that it is hard to find women who will accept and embrace their wearing of lingerie. Many women from disadvantaged countries would happily grace a man with affection, love, and carnal favors no matter what he is wearing in return for being able to move from their blighted countries to more favored Western ones. Quite why these two elements have not been combined more obviously, I do not know.

There are many countries where social systems have broken down to the point that women are left with few options. Malaysia, the Philippines, Russia and other Eastern European countries are all excellent sources of potential mates for men who find the women of their own homeland too picky by half.

There is a certain stigma to ordering a bride on line of course, but there was once a huge stigma surrounding on line dating. Now it is an acceptable form of finding mate. Once upon a time it was considered quite respectable to marry your 12 year old cousin, nowadays we frown upon such things. Right and wrong are moving targets in a sea of human culture. So if you find a willing and charming mate who also just happens to be attempting to escape mafia debt in her own country and doesn't care what you're wearing to bed, why not import her?

There are many mail order bride success stories in the world, and I believe they probably outweigh the ones where the guy wakes up in a bath of ice the day after the wedding with his kidneys missing. There's no guarantees in life of course, even the lowliest village girl can break a king's heart, and even the sweetest girl could move from Moldova, marry you, then move out with the washing machine and half your Elton John CD collection. Still, it's that sort of thing that makes life interesting, isn't it?

Just remember, don't give out your credit card number, blood type, or medical history to anyone you haven't had vetted by a reliable private investigator. You can never be too careful when it comes to importing love.


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