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Maintaining A Healthy Relationship

Updated on January 31, 2012

Fidelity vs. Infidelity

Photo Courtesy of Paedams Photography ©2009

Maintaining a healthy relationship in a hostile environment (haters) proves difficult for many couples. However, it is not impossible when the couple truly love and respect one another. Infidelity is at the highest rate ever and yes your relationship will fall victim to it; but it's what you mean to one another that will get you through the storms of infidelity. I've noticed that many people do not like to see happy couples because they themselves are not happy; especially women. I myself have been guilty of this. It's true what they say Misery loves company. However we as women must understand that we must be worthy of a healthy relationship ourselves. Yes, I said worthy! How can we form a healthy relationship if it was built from us taking our man from another woman? Isn't this sending him mixed signals? Shouldn't we expect that he would do it to us as well? He does. A relationship is not something that you play games with. Also, you cannot expect a good man to have you on his side if you have been with numerous men. First of all it's not healthy, secondly trust must be there and you having been with every Tom, Dick and Harry isn't a good recommendation for the job. Relationships are just like 9-5 jobs and if you are not qualified you need not apply. Also, we as women cannot change what men have been doing as far back as the Bible days. Yes, we must expect fidelity from our men because in this day and time we are faced with diseases that a shot will not cure. But this is the I have watched and studied relationships between my grandparents and parents, etc., there is no easy answer, if there is any. The one thing that was made clear, each of them made commitments and they stayed true to those commitments. Men cheating does not reflect upon us as women and we should not let these situations validate who we are. I once believed that once a man cheated that he did not respect me nor loved me, but it was only after my last relationship ended due to infidelity that I sat back and took a long look at myself. Like me, many of us only add to the problems by trying too keep our men in line concerning other women. This is a battle we cannot win. We should trust that by being good women and respectable human beings that one day infidelity will come to pass and in order for this to happen, it must begin with us. We must stop these desperate attempts in hooking up with other women's men, you know trying to prove that we are the better woman for him, etc. If men did not have sideline hoes as they call us, then what other recourse would they have. Leave the job to the real prostitutes and that's if they still exist because sidelines are so easily available and don't require actual dollars, just a cheap meal, booze and motel and sometimes a handout on a bill. It's time we wake up and jump out this pretty woman existence and realize that when we began valuing ourselves and not sleeping with other women's men that men themselves will have no recourse other than to be faithful men, but until then "Let Go and Let God." Best Wishes to each of you and God Bless. PFP. © Copyright 2009 Material. Unauthorized Reproduction Is Prohibited.


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