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Maintaining a Stable, Happy Long Term Relationship With a Girl

Updated on December 11, 2014
A young Couple
A young Couple | Source

If you love your girl so much, you feel like you will do anything for her. When you fall in love, you feel like you want to be with the person you love all the time and you will hope that it will last until forever. It will be awesome if the girl that you love accepts your love and she loves you back with the same amount as your love. If it is happening in your life, be thankful. Then all you have to do is try to maintain your relationship to keep it stable and growing. You need to figure out several things to maintain a stable, happy relationship if you want your relationship with the girl you love can last longer.

Build good chemistry

First impression usually wonderful and nice and it grows the feeling of love towards each other more powerful. First impression is just a first impression, for further action, it is better if you think about how you can maintain your first impression, so the girl could fall in love with you. You don't have to try keeping your good image in front of her, but just being yourself. To keep your relationship with your girl grows and stable, you need to get to know her better. Communication is one of the main important things to maintain your relationship and to keep it stable. Beside communication, try to develop a mutual understanding and respect towards each other.

Set a regular date

You can start setting a regular date with your girl. It is better once a week. Ask her to watch a movie in the theater or watch it together at home, go to concert music together, spending time by taking a walk together in the city park, go skating together, play paintball together, go to the theme park or picnic together, attend an event together and many things you can think about in order to date your girlfriend and having moments with her. By spending time together with your girlfriend, you can get to know each other closer and it will grow the intimacy between both of you.

Give her attention

Don’t ignore your girlfriend, give her attention. Most girls are happy if their love caring for them. Girls usually have emotions that easily change. Sometimes they are happy, but could upset the next day depending on the situation. Then you have to know and understand them. Ask politely when your girlfriend looks sad and care for her when she needs you. If they need some space and want to be alone, let them alone so they can manage themselves and you may come back in a few hours or after a few days depend on the times they need space and after that time you can try to talk to them again.

Give gift and surprises

Girls love gifts and surprises. Give them gifts and surprises, if you can provide both of it and depend on the funds you have. No need to buy an expensive gift for her, but give a gift that you think is interesting and suitable for her. Also, you don't have to give her, gifts so often, you can give her gifts for special events like on their birthday, graduation, or Valentine’s Day. But you can also give a gift to her anytime you want and it would be better if you give her gift on a special day depends on the situations like when you date her. You not only can give a gift in the form of goods or items, you can also give a small gift such as a kiss.

Keep being yourself

Even though you try to keep your good image in front of her, it's better if you also not forget to still be yourself. Having a girlfriend doesn't mean you have to change your attitude, behavior or character drastically, but love should help you learn to improve yourself to become a better person. If she really loves you, she will love you unconditionally, including all shortcomings and your strong suit. However, you should know that does not mean you can behave arbitrarily; you should also try to understand her and balance your attitude towards her. Sincere, love will shape you to be a better person.


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