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Make A Budget

Updated on October 27, 2016

Is A Budget Important?

If there is one thing that every event needs, it is a budget. Without one, and keeping track of what you spend, you can very easily overspend, or spend too much right away and have nothing left over for anything closer to your event.

Click on the link below to download your free wedding budget by clicking on the link below. This budget will help keep you focused on finances for the wedding and will make sure you know where you are, money wise, at all times.


By developing and FOLLOWING a budget, it keeps your stress level down, and also holds you accountable.

How Do I Make a Budget Work For Me?

A budget doesn’t have to be a template that you use the same for everything. You can change it based on your event. Say you really want to focus on decorations, because they are important to you, that is fine. Make a standard budget to begin with, with the amount you are comfortable spending. Then start allocating money away from things that aren’t as important to you, or you don’t plan on spending a lot on, and put it towards your decorations. This way, you budget isn’t changing, and you will have the amount you will need.

Are you a little more tech savvy? There are many apps on phones and tablets nowadays so you can take your budget with you anywhere you go.

Research Your Budget

Another tip for creating a budget is to do your research. It is hard pulling numbers out of thin air and making a budget work. By doing research and looking at what companies charge, you can get an idea of where your budget needs to be for what you want. If you set your budget on $200 for decorations, and what you want you can’t get for less than $800, either you have to come up with more money, you have to pull money from other categories, or you will have to compromise on what you want in order to fit your budget.

Being realistic on what things cost will help make your budget effective.

You can also go online and find out what an average budget is. This way you can adjust to whatever your budget is. You can also adjust it to what is most important to you. Is it the food? The venue?


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