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Make Up Sex

Updated on October 11, 2010

Education Relationship Information

Greetings and thank you for visiting my hub. Please remember to scroll down and take the poll.

I started a new blog a few days ago that is called . My goal is to publish educational relationship information. Human Sexuality is a fascinating subject with a broad interest. It crosses all cultural boundaries. Make up sex is probably global also ;-) My intention is to educate people about sex (Inter personal human relationships) by providing content that is non-pornographic and deals with common issues that confront many of us daily.

Here are a few articles that have been published on my site so far.

Do You Want Your Ex Back, sounds like some make up sex could be on its way there.

What can I do to get my ex boy friend back

One of the aspects of becoming an adult is having a healthy and happy sex life. Sex should not be considered a bad word when used in the proper context. Certainly our society may have taken the sexuality thing a bit to far by using it as a media platform. What passes as news today and the pictures that come with it were considered to be distasteful even 20 years ago. That being said sex isnt dirty and it certainly behoves us to learn all we can about our self's our sexual habits desires and our partners preferences also.

One of the most talked about aspects of relationships is probably sex. For some reason Americans seemed to be a little obsessed with it. Parents tend to shy away from the subject even today. I started talking about inter personal human relationships (sex) with my children early on. Before they were even conditioned to be embarrassed about what I was talking about. Now its easy to talk about sex to them. Of course they think they know everything and probably don't want to hear what I have to say. But the important part for me is that I have taken time to talk to them about relationships.

I do not claim to be an expert, although I feel that may I have made more mistakes than most people, so maybe I have a bit more experience. Also I have more years of being around people that have dealt with issues that normal everyday people have to deal with.

You might be saying, what the hell does this have to do with make up sex. Certainly their are some of us that realize that relationships go through many changes over the years. Different things keep people together and drive them apart. Passion can keep people together. When I think about make up sex I think about passion.

Find the passion in your relationship, look or the things that you really like about your partner and focus on those positive aspects of the relationship. When you do it seems like the negative aspects of the relationship become less evident. Certainly we all have had passionate moments in out lives. Most of us can think of at least one time in our life's where we felt a real spark from another person. We all can recreate these moments in our life's. Even if we have never felt passion in our life's that should not stop us from creating our own passion in life.

When the situation naturally happens in your life and the stage can be set for make up sex. Make up sex should not be under estimated, it will be a powerful potent spark in your relationship.

Relationship help from Chris Rock

Top 10 Benefits of make up sex

Ok these are some of the benefits of non make up sex but make up sex would even make them better.


#1). It can lower mortality rates. I suppose why would you care to pas on so to speak if you were having so much fun here?


#2) Improve your posture. Certainly we can tell who is having sex because they are smiling and standing up straighter.


#3) Boosts your self esteem. You feel younger more invigorated, more alive. You have a new perspective on life. What ever seemed so bad before now seems trivial.



#4). Firms your abdomen and buttocks. Reduces the risk of heart disease. Face it sex just a plain wholesome calorie burning activity.


#5). It can help people who are in chronic pain, probably because it can take some effort and is exercise. Improve your stamina over all by having frequent sex.


#6) Helps people gain a positive attitude toward life.Helps keep couples connected emotionally.


#7). You can become more relaxed and confidant with frequent sex. It is true that sex can change your self esteem.


#8). Can improve your fitness level and over all stamina. It helps with concentration and focus kind of like a martial art.


#9). You can become less irritable. When you were a kid didn't you wonder sometimes why some people were so unhappy and or grumpy most of the time? I did.


#10). Helps with depression. People seem to be happier in general if the yare having more sex. Sex poll (Please take the Poll) Thank you

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