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Make a Man Fall in Love With You

Updated on October 14, 2015

Win Your Man With a Plan


Make Your Man Love You

Certainly I am not suggesting that you can make anyone in the world fall head over heels in love with you by following my advice, but you stand a much better chance at winning the love and respect of your man when you stick as closely to this advice as humanly possible. There are certain traits that just about everyone admires and respects in in others and these feelings of respect and admiration can easily develop into true love.

In explaining how to make a man fall in love with you I will also point out rather strongly what not to do. In order to have a full sense of the right thing to do it is equally important to know what the wrong thing is. They are the opposites of the magic code that leads to love and you must absolutely refrain from falling into a negative category when trying to win the man you love. Men can be very judgmental and can easily drop you into the, "she's not good enough to marry, but she's fine for now" category. That ugly zone that too many women experience that allows a man to waste your time and leave you broken. Its the rejected and devastated state that led JodiArias to murder her ex lover, Travis Alexander, and has driven many other women into desperate action.

Girls Gone Stupid


Girls Gone Wild, or Girls Gone Stupid?

We have all seen clips of women who will do just about anything to be on camera and get some attention, unfortunately, the number of women who will degrade themselves for male attention is growing rapidly. The Feminist movement has failed us miserably, and is only a framework for democrats running for office to leverage more votes from women. I have personally seen men dump their girlfriends for flashing strangers, and many other guys simply lose respect for their girlfriends, putting the idea of marriage out of their minds forever. Look at the photo of the three girls posted here and try to imagine what kind of men they are dating, then imagine having one of these three as a wife. Would any guy be proud to say, "I won her!"

In the 1960s women were much more self respecting and would not consider turning themselves into slovenly tramps in effort to make men to take notice of them. This was before the feminist movement took over and the average number of women who considered themselves to be happy was almost double of what it is today. There were less single moms and by far less women on living on the brink of poverty. These things are all related. The average woman did not struggle to get a proposal out of men as the modern girl does either.
Women of generations past instinctively knew that negative attention would get them nowhere in life and that a negative reputation could actually harm the rest of their lives. Modern women should consider teaching their daughters what happens to girls who give themselves away for free.

Acting like a tramp will not bring you the love that you want and will only bring you the heartache that you hope to avoid.

Sticking your tongue out when someone snaps a photo of you, or making a fish face only further drops you into the category of being yet another empty headed tramp. Don't copy what other girls are doing unless they are highly successful in their love lives.

To stand out as a class act, don't wear sleazy looking clothes, (sexy and sleazy are not the same thing) never swear, and never have more than two drinks in front of people. This simple advice will do wonders for creating an air of mystique and quality about you. You will seen "different" from the typical rif-raff.

If you are scoffing and saying to yourself, this can't be true, I use foul language because its modern and I will look stuffy if I speak with polished words, then pay attention to women you encounter from now on. Ask yourself how she comes across when she says the "F" word. How does her face look when she says it? Men certainly don't look like rocket scientists when they use foul language but one must remember that women are naturally softer than men are, and one of the great attractions that men have for women is that they are soft, gentle and nurturing. If you turn yourself into a barking, swearing, and hard drinking sailor believe me you will not look very appealing in your man's eyes. Think of women you admire and what you would want your woman to be like if you were a man.

Using intelligent, expressive language instead of the vulgar and typical words that other girls use will set you apart as having higher intelligence, better education, more self control and refinement. The overall effect is very attractive and will make you stand out in a crowd as being a superior catch.

Also, think of how disappointed you are when you get the feeling that your guy has been around with too many women in his past. Men get these emotions times 100 towards women because the male animal wants to dominate. When I guy gets clues that you will easily go with other men he will think so poorly of you that he will never commit to you.

Classy Girls Make Men Fall in LOve

Don't Put Out Easily. Good Things Are Worth Waiting For

No matter what is being said by the mainstream media, forget it! On every sitcom, talk show, and movie, couples are seen jumping into bed right away and being sleazy-easy is portrayed as normal, and it may be, but, being loose and without a moral code never wins respect and no matter what your man's personality is, he will not place high value on you if you swear, drink in excess, or jump into bed with him too soon in your relationship.

You should make a big deal of sleeping with a guy because the reality is that being intimate is a big deal. You could catch something that will change your life forever, and even by being careful this could happen, but I believe that catching herpes, or some other STD will sit with you better if it happens in a long term relationship rather than some jerk you saw for two months. By waiting to get to know a guy before becoming intimate you will make him feel much more special after winning you and it will also intensify your intimacy because of the importance you placed on it.

A polished and sophisticated look will take you farther than a funky, or sleazy look.

Have a Life of Your Own

Anyone who actually does things in life is more interesting that someone who has no hobbies, interests or skills. If you have never tried to ski, give it a whirl, if you don't sew or knit, take a class. The more interests that you have outside your relationship the more interesting you will be to other people.

One of the biggest complaints that men have when dating is that their girlfriends are always hounding them and asking to see them because of the fact that they have nothing to do besides look forward to the net date. Men differ from women greatly in that most men have interests and hobbies and their dating life does not fill their entire free time, it is merely just a part of their lives. If you have things to do, then you will not be waiting by the phone for your next opportunity to date, and you will also have more to talk about when you do go out on dates.

I remember reading an article in Forbes many years ago that pointed out the fact that men are happier in life than women are and it further pinned down the reason for this is because men tend to plan their lives better, with emphasis on their finances and things that they have control over while women focused on relationships, things that they cannot control. Its just a matter of reprogramming your thinking so that you are actually thinking more like a man.

Major hint in winning the man you love is to think like a man.

I often like to present real life examples from women who have openly talked about their experiences in relationship groups in order that my readers may get a solid picture of the right and wrong relationship approach.

Darlene was a simple woman who wanted a man to spend some time with and help her will finances. She was the modern liberal woman who had three children outside of marriage, worked as a medical assistant, and had absolutely no hobbies or interests. When she set out as a young woman in her 20s she thought of herself as a thoroughly modern woman who was doing her own thing, but by the time her children were in their mid 20s reality was at her doorstep and she could see that her meager paycheck had kept her life limited. She also realized that she had not done a great job of raising her children. She had taken on the modern fashion of giving them every material possession they wanted. Yes, Darlene made little money but she thought she was being a good mother by using her credit card to give her kids everything that they asked for. She found herself years later with her three kids in their mid 20s living in with her in her tiny apartment and demanding that she pay their bills and continue to support their habits. Now in her 40s, she was hoping to find a man who could help her pick up the pieces so that she could live a better, more traditional life.

After a string of dates that led to one night stands Darlene was frustrated as to why the men she was dating were not calling her back. After I had informed her that going to night clubs, meeting guys and then going to bed for receiving a few compliments from him will most likely NOT result in more dates, romance, and respect. Darlene was a good student in that she saw the connection between being too easy and her men taking an early powder on her but she failed to make herself interesting.

Yes, Darlene easily graduated from meeting men in bars and being used a few hours to getting repeat dates. But after dating her for nine months most men would become bored. They were bored because they knew that they had her waiting for them no matter what. If they were to call her and ask what was new the answer would be, nothing. If they asked what she was doing, it was going to her job, or dealing with a problem that her adult children had caused. Not exactly the material a man finds appealing.

At the relationship group Darlene was instructed to get her life organized. Something she had never done in her entire life. She was told to get her life in order and then have a hobby, interest, or plan in life. These words were so foreign to Darlene that instead of getting a life she made one up. When her boyfriend of over one year would call her she would lie and say that she was going out with friends. This not only defeats the whole purpose of actually having a life but then results in the question of where are you going? Darlene was so non diversified that all she could say was a bar or cafe. There is more to life than sitting down and eating or drinking and if you life in the United States you still have the power to make a life. The more interesting things you do and the deeper you are about your own life, the more respect you will get from others.

Make Your Man Come to You. Never be the Agressor

Make Your Man Fall in Love- Not Lust

If you are in a relationship in which you meet with your man less than once per week, chances are slim that things are headed in the right direction. Relationships that are headed towards love and marriage grow steadily, day by day, week by week. This can only happen if you are seeing each other on a regular basis and regularly building upon mutual interests and experiences.

If you are seeing each other as little as once per month. Chances are your man is already board with you. It would be wise to keep your options open. When hooking up with the next man be sure to hold off on the physical stimulus as long as possible, have your hobbies and interests to keep your mind occupied, and enjoy the stages of getting to know each other. True love that is really worth while grows slowly.

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    • GlendaGoodWitch profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from California

      Thanks for your comment dashingscorpio. I guess you have confirmed my hub. If a woman "holds out" the guy will move on if all he had in mind was steeling sex. That's a lot better than being used and then deserted.

      As for the girl who found herself with three kids and single, you are correct, no man would sign up for that. This is why I have warned women from falling into that kind of life. Thanks again.

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      4 years ago

      "She found herself years later with her three kids in their mid 20s living in with her in her tiny apartment and demanding that she pay their bills and continue to support their habits. Now in her 40s, she was hoping to find a man who could help her pick up the pieces so that she could live a better, more traditional life." - Not many men want to sign on for this!

      I imagine if the shoe were on the other foot with the man living with his three adult children while drowning in debt everyone would be warning any woman to stay away from him! Women need to let go of the fairytale that some knight or prince is going to show up sweep them off their feet.

      "Don't expect to sit next to the moon unless (you) are a star!"

      Very few men are looking for a woman knee deep in debt and living with grown children. If he's good looking and successful he has better options.

      I'm not sure a woman can "make a man fall in love" unless he is open to being in love. When I was in my 20s playing the field there was nothing any woman could have done that would have made me want to get married. If a woman played "hard to get" I just moved on.

      I wasn't more intrigued because she (rejected) me.

      Ladies should also be aware that just because they're "making him wait" does not mean he is not having sex with other women in the mean time.

      I've never had a one-night-stand that contained "mind blowing sex". If the sex was off the charts I had to come back for more. The majority of one-night stands take place because one or both people didn't feel the chemistry was great enough to warrant seeing each other again. People have been known to hookup with others whom they knew were "toxic" or not good for them on so many levels but the sex was too good for them to walk away immediately. If a guy doesn't come back for more it's either because the sex was just average to him or he already has a girlfriend/wife and doesn't want to risk getting caught. It takes time to get to know if a person is mentally of the same mindset and is truly "into" you. The goal is not to find a man who wants to get married but rather to find a man who wants to marry YOU. There is a difference between being "next" and "the one".


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