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Making Up With Your Guy - How To Get Close Again

Updated on January 1, 2009

After having it out with your guy there is always that weird uncomfortable tension between the two of you. Or you feel like the bond you had with him is not as strong as it was. All you really want is for things to go back to the way they were before your lover's quarrel. Here are some tips to help you make up with your guy and get the closeness back in your relationship after your battle.

No Long Talks

Most guys are not really into big long drawn out talking till the sun comes up conversations about how to fix the relationship. The last thing he wants to do after fighting with you is have a serious talk. You on the other hand think that is what is needed to patch things up. To avoid more arguing and possibly more problems the best way to get close with your guy again is to resist the urge to talk things over extensively.

So instead of a serious talk do something fun with him. Doing little things like bowling, going shopping, washing the car together or taking a walk are activities you can do to help draw attention away from the spat. Then you can casually talk about your fight in conversation naturally and it will not feel like such a serous thing to your guy. You could say to him as you are talking about lunch or whatever "Hey I'm sorry for the way I acted before. I hate it when we fight." Keep what you have to say short and sweet.

Guys usually will not be the ones to initiate making up. So you will have to be the one to get things back on track.

Makeup Sex

Makeup sex is great and may seem like the best way to reconnect with your guy. If this works for you that is great if not you should consider this.Nonsexual physical contact actually works better than throwing him down on the bed and having your way with him. Having sex with your guy after a fight tends to be intense and a little more aggressive since both of you are on edge.

To switch things up a bit try holding his hand or laying your head on his lap while watching TV on the couch. After that wall of tension starts to come down then you can start to get more intimate and do the deed. Getting warmed up to each-other first will make the sex more enjoyable for both of you.

Future Plans

Another way to lighten things up after fighting with your guy is by bringing up exciting and fun things to do as a couple. Discussing future plans you have together sends the message that you are on solid ground and you two will be okay again. I don't mean talk about what to name your children or where to get married. Keep it light and fun. You could bring home some travel brochures and tell him you would love to spend time with him at one of those places. Or make plans to try a new restaurant together or see a new movie.

Trying any of these suggestions will help you to overcome that post quarrel weirdness that you dislike so much.


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    • LondonGirl profile image


      10 years ago from London

      "Most guys are not really into big long drawn out talking till the sun comes up conversations about how to fix the relationship. The last thing he wants to do after fighting with you is have a serious talk."

      Great hub - but it depends on the bloke! My other half likes the long serious chats.

    • goldentoad profile image


      10 years ago from Free and running....

      Ashley, from a guy's point of view, you're right, these tips are good, especially the part of No Long Talks!


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