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Tips On Making The Perfect Profile For Dating Sites

Updated on March 23, 2013
Maybe not the best picture
Maybe not the best picture

The Perfect Picture

So you have decided to do what millions ahead of you have done, you have decided to date online. With the busy lives that we lead now a days, many will say that they simply do not have time to go out and date. Or maybe the selection around you is not to your liking and you are looking outside of the box. Whatever your reasoning, you are wanting to see pictures, as are they.

With online dating you do not get the luxury of knowing what each other look like and this can create some nervousness. As much as we may say that we like people for what is inside of them, most would have to admit that looks matter. What would be worse is to finally meet someone you have fallen for and they look nothing like their pictures.

Try to upload at least 4 to 6 pictures. You want to give them a bit of a selection without putting hundreds of yourself like some do on Facebook. In the shots you will want to have different poses.

1.Face shot-Try wearing a solid colored shirt, not too much makeup etc.

2.Full body shot-A full shot of you as recent as possible.

3.A picture of you doing what you love to do-try to show what your hobbies are in the picture.

Just keep it recent and have fun. Make sure to smile.



So now you have your pictures uploaded and it comes time to give information. You want to keep in mind that anything you put on the site is out on the internet, so use caution. You want to give enough information and be truthfull, however just keep in mind you really do not know these people. You wouldn't want a sexy or taboo comment used against you later. But also try to keep your personal information to a minimum, i.e., address, land lines, date of birth, work place, etc. You never know who is reading profiles so just be careful.

Be as honest to questions and anything you write about yourself. List things that are important to you. Hobbies that you are involved in, church services, sports. This is an oppurtunity to actually get to know someone before you even meet them, why not actually get what you are looking for?

2 in 5 couples are not started online, this is obviously the way of the future. With a few good pictures and some honest answers, you really can find what you are looking for.


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