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4 steps for Managing Relationships

Updated on May 17, 2012

Relationships can and should be managed

Relationships have been the key to existence for human beings. We see quite often that certain people are simply great when it comes to success in relationships of various kinds. But we do not understand the key to success in relationship management. We wonder especially if we are not good at relationship management that how the other guy is so good. We rationalize in terms of upbringing factors and leave the subject with the smae level of understanding i.e. almost no clear understanding of factors which ensure good sustained relationships. The ancient Hindu literature has explained the methods for relationship management which look simple yet they are elegant.

There are certain and deliberate steps for successful relationship management as given below:

1. Meeting - Deliberate, planned and regular meetings is the first step in the relationship management. In abscence of this the relationship will just taper off. All of us must have seen how a good friend goes off the mind due to lack of regular reinforcement either through meeting, talking on phone or exchanging emails. Even in case of our family members, let us say the spouse it is surprising that if we take a hard look at "Meeting" for the sake of meeting itself and no issues around it, we realize that it is not happening except during the daily dinner which also has degenerated into a necessary ritual.

2. Conversation - Spending some time together is the key and talking -interacting on issues of common interest is the step no.2. It is essentially exchange of love, affection, respect or empathy for each other in the particular relationship through talking to each other.

3. Joint Decision Taking - The talking and exchange of ideas should lead to some joint decisions which will vary from relationship to relationship. In case of friends it could be a dinner or lunch together or may be a vacation. In case of spouse similar things may be there with additions of things like buying decisions.

4. Joint Implementation - Joint implementation takes the relationship into a higher level and gets stronger with time. The bonding gets new strength in the face of new experiences during the inmplementing process

4. Celebration - Experiencing joy of working together and sharing success through celebrations gives a new meaning for the relationship. The mutual hunger or need for the relationship goes to higher level.

All the 4 steps if practiced consciously will lead to a vibrant relationship and relationship management will no more be a puzzle for many of us.


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