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Mantra for Success

Updated on August 4, 2012
Success is a Journey
Success is a Journey
The Ladder of Success needs to be climbed
The Ladder of Success needs to be climbed

Steps to Success

Success does not come easy. It is a journey where one climbs one step after the other.Have'nt we heard it 'Failure is the secret of Success'? One should never be scared of failure. Anyone doing so cannot succeed in life. Apart from that there are several other ingredients to success.

  • Thinking- Thoughts materializes. We become what we are thinking of.
  • Love -Love everybody as you love yourself. This rule is above all the others and there is no contradiction between them. It applies every where, no matter what we do as individual, family, business men, organizations, countries. It has a universal value.
  • Vision -In order to have success, no matter field, we must have a clear image of that success in our mind, a mental image of our idea of success, a vision.
  • Motivation- Everything we do is released by our inside wishes, our needs and instincts, many of them coming from our subconscious.
  • Expectation-What we trustfully predict that may be true, it will really happen. It will materialize.
  • Concentration-No matter what we focus on, if we focus continuously, will become more and more a part of our inside life.
  • Habit -Almost everything we do is automatic, the result of a habit. The habits which bring us far off our goals must be changed.
  • Attraction- We all are like living magnets. We attract people, events, circumstances which harmonize with our main thoughts.
  • Choice- We are free to choose what we are thinking of and finally we are free to choose all other aspects of our life.
  • Optimism-A positive mental attitude is hand in hand with success and happiness. The optimism makes us more pleasant and cheerful, more liable to succeed.
  • Changing-Everything is changing, nothing is fixed. If we don’t take advantage we become its victims.
  • Control-We have a good opinion of ourselves due to the fact that we feel we control our own life.

  • Responsibility-We are entirely responsible of what we are, what we have, what we become and everything we succeed.
  • Service-Our reward will be as big as our service amount for the others (or with other words be a master with the heart of a servant)
  • Preparation-The performance comes only after a strong preparation. The real professions invest more time in preparation.
  • Decision-Every jump ahead has its root inside of a strong decision of doing. And if we do it with daring, we will receive an unexpected support.
  • Creativity- Any progress starts with somebody’s idea. Everything that our mind can conceive and really believe can also become real.
  • Flexibility-You will have big chances to succeed if you know for sure what you want, but remain flexible in your way of action. Missing of flexibility can make you miss the opportunities.


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    • profile image

      shainy 7 years ago

      very useful 2 all students

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      Rahul 7 years ago

      Nice Article !