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Marriage in Nepali Culture

Updated on January 18, 2014

What is Marriage?

  • Marriage is called matrimony or wedlock.
  • It is a socially or ritually recognized union.
  • It is also a legal contract between spouses that establishes rights and obligations between them and between their children.
  • The definition of the marriage is varies according to the different cultures and religions.
  • It is principally interpersonal relationship as well.It is also intimate and sexual acknowledge.

Exchane of Ring in Marriage

Why People Get Marriage

Marriage can be because of the legal,social ,libidinal,emotional,Financial , spritual and religious purposes.It also helps to build the great relationship as well as friendship between two people.

  • To get help with each other in the old age
  • For the legitimate Sexual relationship
  • Formation of domestic unit
  • Keep the legacy from generation to generation
  • Get there baby

Picture of Marrige Ceremony

Types of Marriage

Arranged Marriage:

  • Marriage is arranged by their parents is called arranged marriage.
  • Most of the Couple even cannot see each other before their marriage.
  • After marriage, they will have good relationship for their life.
  • It is strange for the people who believe in love marriage.
  • It is very reliable as well as long lasting marriage system.
  • They can see very rare divorce case in this type of marriage.

Monogamy :

  • This is a form of marriage in which an individual has only one spouse during their lifetime or at any one time.
  • This marriage culture is very famous in Nepal. When we get mariage,we expect for lifelong realtionship .It is also similar with arrange marriage.

Love Marriage:

  • Marrage between two lovers is called love marriage.
  • They can have good realtionship and friendship before they get marriage.
  • In Nepali culture,sex before marriage is not acceptable.People in the society never like sex before marriage.
  • They can love each other but they cannot stay together in the same bed.
  • They must wait to get marriage for sexual relation. Even though,this concept is developing in advance way,People are thinking in positive way but it is not still acceptable in the society.

Same sex and Third Gender Marriages:

  • Now a days,there is a tradition of marriage between the same gender and same sex as well. In Nepali culture,
  • It is very rare.People in this society still thinking, it is unnatural.The influenced of the western culture is generating in Nepal . But third gender people are fighting for their rights as well.
  • The fight is for marriage as well there other rights of freedom.

Forced Marriage:

  • A forced marriage is a marriage in which one or both of the parties is married against their wills.
  • It is not familier in Nepali society.It is also anti democratic as well as anti freedom of the people.
  • It is not familier in the Nepali society because it is not suitable for the 21st century's democratic society.We must have freedom of life ,liberty and persuit of happyness.
  • There are still some people doing this types of marriage.

Economic Considerations of Marriage

The financial aspects of marriage vary between cultures and castes.Dowry is popular in the marriage ceremony. A dowry is a process, where by parental property is distributed to a daughter at her marriage ceremony. They need different types of jeweler,ring ,Necklace Pauju( use on the leg), They provide goods as well as money as dowry.It is very common in the society but it is making very hard to get marry to their kids for their poor parents.It is more impressive in Terai region of Nepal. It is also prevailing around the Neapl.

Right and obligation

  • Giving a husband / wife control over a spouse's sexual, services,labor and property
  • Establishing a relartionship between the families of the spouses
  • Establishing a joint found of property to their children
  • Established as the second legal guardian of a parent's child
  • Established the responsibility for a spouse's debts and income

Some Restriction in Marriage

  • Race (same race or low race of people cannot get marriage)
  • Age( teenage of very old age)
  • Same sex marriage
  • Sex outside of marriage
  • Dowry( some of the region of Nepal with out dowry there is impossible to get marriage)

Love marriage or arranged marriage ? which is a better option?

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Nepal is a beautiful country. It is famous for varieties of castes and cultures.There are different type marriage culture in Nepali society.


Marriage is a very beautiful cultural ceremony in the society. It makes a good relation between two people,two family as well as two culture.It is a type of establishment of generation to generation for the future.Without marriage between two gender, it will not be possible to move the next generation. We must make it easy and nice cultural programme to get marriage.If we don't have different sex marriage there will not be the next generation in this world.


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