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Marriage Rules: What a Conspiracy!

Updated on December 26, 2015

A Mother's Wedding Hug is More Than a Blessing!

Staying Married is a Huge Mission to Achieve!

Marriage is a Divine Relationship Covenant;

Meant to bind two to be one, in spirit and physically.

Man is a ruler in love; a woman a helper in love.

A perfect equation for the two and their offspring!

Alas! Theory becomes truth when it matches practice!

When I said: “I do; did I forfeit my self-respect?”

No! Life was beautiful; everything looked perfect!

It is like all mothers knew, but have been sworn to secrecy.

Lavishly giving wedding gifts; what a conspiracy!

Would I suspect my mother in such conspiracy?

In marriage man was created to love and provide!

Women must submit and make man proud.

Both to give themselves without reservation!

Submission equals silence; it describes a real woman!

My eyes implored for help; I was exceedingly confused!

Well! I can wipe my tears and stay!

Calm down, crawl and beg for forgiveness.

Or stand and fight for those who died in silence!

Who knows? I may teach him missed grades!

He may come up a better graduate; a true man!

Can those who understand marriage raise their hand!

Why do you get short answers and knowing looks?

Messages of good wishes and tearful hugs!

No, it is not about parting despair;

The truth: You need more than love to stay married!

Fact: Marriage is the institution of secrecy!

If you love your mother, you too will not tell!

The test is passing the subject you hardly understand.

Main chapters: Seek wisdom from within.

Love your mother in-law more than your husband!

Marriage! A by-product of love and societal norm!

Correction: A revelation of the original judgment.

“Man shall rule over you and you shall submit!

You shall bear children in pain!” Declared the Creator!

Can anyone therefore nullify the law of marriage?

Although you now know, keep it a secret!

Give your daughter a big hug and silently pray.

That she will find a positively abnormal man.

One she will submit to willingly; dazed by his love.

That is a possibility; a paradox of marriage!

Check your Content about Marriage Principles!

Have you heard of full tutorial about staying married for life?

See results

Perpetuating the Secrecy of Marriage Institution!

I am yet to discover a society that is open about what staying married entails. My question is, why this seems to be the global norm! It is like such a disclosure will deter our children from getting married.

In our African culture, sexual information is a taboo! Nobody will say anything about marriage except to instruct you to respect your husband and make him happy! See what I mean? In essence a girl exits into the most complex social institution and is expected to succeed with minimum information! The shock is discovering that one is actually married to the whole family in terms of expectation to minister to all members of the family socially and financially. One's social responsibility is so huge that the task of building intimacy and cleaving is like climbing a very steep mountain!

The Ideal Route to Successful Marriage!


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