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Marriage and it should be changed for the better

Updated on January 10, 2011

Culture is saying right now that marriage is obsolete. My thoughts on that would be no, only because of the fact, no one is taking it seriously.

Marriage is a contract which is taken very lightly, and is in need of refinement. Marriage is an oath taken by two people whom are in love with each other. Finally, a solution which have come across my thoughts which might spark some ideas.


A small minority has corrupted the real definition of marriage, which has reached the majority. Its sad when only 3 judges decide the true meaning of marriage, which was defined throughout humanity and before time. Only 3 Judges, decided to let their guards down in their moral responsibility and had no right to ruin the seriousness of the name. A name and a symbol which means a formation of two, too one. Two minds and families joined together two form one union, to be fruitful and guide their young to a new harsh and difficult civilization. A civilization which does not care who you are as a person, but relies on who will come up with the next bright idea for the new final frontier. You see marriage is not obsolete, its obsolete to those who want it to be obsolete, those who are immoral and do not believe in the family.

Family is the reason why we have a government and a society. Because society is built on the family structure, and with in the family structure comes character and moral thinking along with a sence of belonging and the foundation to become better for each other and to form opinions to form a conclusion. A conclusion which will come up with the next great and idea.


A thought came into mind, with the definition of marriage. The definition of marriage yes is between a man and a women, which cannot be changed by anyone, only by God himself.

We as a culture are taking this concept out of control and confusing the real meaning of it. The birth of two people and two families, bonding together to bring new life into this world. Life which might someday lead this great country or world to a promising new future, which might bring great inventions and cures. God loves us and its a shame that he would see us treating his sacred union between two people taking it lightly and not seriously. Seriously to the point of unto death to keep it held together. Thats how serious marriage should be. It should be a bonding of two friends, lovers, helpers and inspirers. Because we are as a culture destroying this sacred pact, which is vital for our future. The seriousness of the word and meaning of marriage has to come back. Serious to the point of a hefty consequence, if either party were to separate or use the other for a deceptive gain. A deceptive gain from one of the other parties, for example, one marries to gain the others house or half their property, or to inflict personal damage on the other by infidelity etc. Which personally I believe this proactive action would ban that painful practice, by quote on quote, scarring the goodness into people.


Marriage is a contract which is lightly taken, and is practiced based on just feelings. A feeling which is only skin deep, which one is chosen based on how beautiful he or she is. Women think that because he has to look like a cover of a magazine he is the one. Men think she has to sleep with him first then talk later. Women are often deceived by sleeping or choosing by appearance rather then character or his closeness to family and his sensitive nature to have integrity and honesty. Honesty which should be held to a high decision when its comes to both men and women. Other circumstance have played a part in this destruction of marriage.


What I'm proposing is a refinement, of the old ways on how we do marriage. In the past when couples were to elope they would marry either for fun or for gain. But a few for love, thats why marriage divorce are at 50% among all people not atheist but christians as well. So my atheists friends this is not referring just for christians you too have a problem with this. The refinement of marriage should be based on decision making and a long term commitment. A commitment, which should be enforced and have severe consequences. Consequences to bring back the seriousness of the fact and to protect the definition of marriage to anyone, who tries to change it. Make it so no official or judge or group will have the power to change the definition for political gain again.


Marriage is an oath taken by two people. Two people who have fallen in love, and have chosen to sacrifice their life for one another. To give their lives to each other, and not to themselves. Each other summit themselves to one another. Women submits to man and man submits to women. Man gives himself to women by loving her and cherishing her, Women submit to men by supporting him in everything when it comes to lifes problems. She is to help him, in his ways of life and accomplishments. But he is to cherish her with everything he has. Its not women to lead or to force the man to fallow her, but the other way around. Because most men have a way of good decision making and good moral structures. Its been like this for many years and now we change it because of political garbage. Women down grade themselves because they think mother hood is a step down, no its a step in the future of possibilities of raising an excellent leader to change this world for the better. Women I know you can do anything better than a man, when you put your mind to it. A lot of you abandoned what it is to be a support system in the household. A support to improve the man, and give him that advices he needs everyday from you. Furthermore, your children need you too. Don't forget that. You are the back bone of this country, I beg of you don't walk away from a vital responsibility, just because you got social paths who want power and control.


A solution to this problem with marriage, should be taken to the next level. When I say the next level I mean to a severe level. A level which means fines or imprisonment. When I say fines I mean, for example: a man or women decides to use the married party for personal gain, she or he is to be fined. Fined in access of 10,000 dalliers or 10 percent of his or her pay wages. Another way would be if he or she decides to practice infidelity he or she would be sentenced to 20 years in prison to life. The severe fines would present a good plus, when it comes to states making profit out of this. In fact, prison sentencing would make both parties men and women think twice before getting married. These harsh consequences would have an impact so great that men and women, would think twice before getting married. Forcing the right people who truly want to get married be married. We should also develop a step by step process, just like buying a house, you would be counseled and reassured if this is the step they want to take. Like the military they have a system which weans out the bad apples and keep the good ones in. The ones that want to make a difference and just earn a paycheck. Because I ask the question to all of you what do you not understand, when the priest, pastor, or clerk magistrate asks you, you will love her and cherish her, you will support him and love, for good and for bad, for healthy and sick, for better and for worth till death due you part? In that sentence, what do you not understand!!!!!!!!!


implementing these rules would bring back the innocence of the real meaning of marriage. A real meaning when two people who are madly in love which each other would love each other sincerely. Men would choose women who would make a great mother for their children, and women would choose a man for character and moral support. The perfect quote for a healthy marriage is said by a movie you might have seen it, and I quote : That you can loose yourself. Everything. All boundaries. All time. That two bodies can become so mixed up, that you don't know who's who or what's what. And just when the sweet confusion is so intense you think you're gonna die... you kind of do. Leaving you alone in your separate body, but the one you love is still there. That's a miracle. You can go to heaven and come back alive. You can go back anytime you want with the one you love. And that my friends is the a true love within a marriage, that will never break.

Finally, for a sobering thought, picture yourself as a mother or a father. As mother or a father you have a responsibility to your children. Your children are the ones that suffer a lose of separation, but your still sleeping with another man or women. Parents think of this for a moment someone else is taking care of your babies. Someone else is putting them to bed, kissing them a goodnight sleep. Loving your babies you chose as a father or mother not to take care of. Remember your babies.

Think twice before marring, or divorcing....


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