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Marriage my thoughts and feelings.

Updated on June 10, 2016

I think marriage still is a one on one basis.

Today is a new day, but I believe in my life marriage is one on one.

Today in modern society there are many different types of relationships.

Now talking about marriage, to me, well whatever floats anyone's boat like open marriage, open relationships is someone's else's business.

But to me, marriage is something I think that is just a one on one with the person you love and not an open relationship that involves any extra marital bliss with another person.

Say that could be an old way, but this is what marriage is to me.

It is dedication to one person and the idea for me is to be with one person only and be dedicated to that one person that you are married with.

Now like I said, this maybe the old way of thinking but I mean I think that in marriage, I give someone my hand, that means I would save myself to that person only and look to see the same thing back to me.

I know, once again, sounds pretty old fashion right?

Well I still hold some values in my heart that will not change because this is how it is for me.

Heck, I do not care what others do, not my business. But my own business is MY business and that I think that it should seem more "sacred" in saving yourself for one person and falling so passionately in love with that one person who possibly could make your heart beat faster.

The thought of being with one person is not so bad, especially if it is very true within my heart.

Passion is something that is so important but also marriage is a combined effort of two people.

There really is no such thing as a cinderella after ever and Disney has pulled the wool over our eyes because reality, true reality no one's relationship is perfect because there will be those days where you feel like you do not want to get out bed, BUT if the other person has your back in the days that are so hard, that actually makes those days bearable to look forward to the really beautiful days that feel like you glow.

Life can be like a rollarcoaster with ups and downs and be stuck on the spin cycle in a washing machine.

I also know that in today's society people just want to throw things away BUT I heard something in another culture in which I think is Japanese along the thought of, when something is broken they add gold to the broken part of something that gives it more value and do not throw it away.

I am not sure of the exact saying but it goes something like that.

Marriage is something I know I value in my heart and know that it happens, my heart will only belong to one man.

My intentions are true within my heart and I think that in life, life is too short and we may not know what tomorrow brings because I have heard stories where people are here one second and the next day, they pass away in their sleep to not exist on earth anymore.

That is why to me, marriage is something that is pure within my heart and to save myself for one man, that is true intentions from the start.

I know I am someone that is looking to grow everyday and I think if I ever was to grow within a marriage it would be to be by the side of someone and not behind or in front of and also to be on a man's side and get his back.

Today's society makes it so easy to look for relationships because of social media but also the nightmare stories you can hear what happens to people that use social media to date.

Oh yeah, that whole catfish thing, which is pretty scary.

Of course I know too, that with social media people can put up pictures and such and write what ever to make a relationship seem so perfect but no relationship is perfect.

Once again, think I am repeating, relationships are something when working through those tough times and getting each others back will only make people grow together stronger in a way that no words can explain in epic detail what heaven could really behind closed doors.

Also behind closed doors, the world is not there, just the people who are in love.

I know there was the film called the Bronx tale and the head Gangster had mentioned to a kid named "C" who he had felt was a son and the head Gangster, Sunny kind of said it matters not what the world thinks of you and your girl because once that door shuts it is only the two of you and no one else and that is what really matters.

Relationship is "work" and of course some play but it is the work that pays off when working towards building a life together.

I know, it may sound lame or crazy to admit that I still believe in saving myself for one man.

That is me, that is how I feel and no one can change me and really if I wanted to be with a few guys, I never would even want to be married in the first place.

There is more strength on working on a relationship because in reality anyone can go out and hoe, hoe, hoe around, yet who can actually really be the stronger ones who can stay in a committed relationship when the sh@t hits the fan or in the bad times.

Well this is how I feel and that is how I will be.

One on one and saving myself for one man for the rest of my life, I truly think is not a bad thing.

That is what is truly in my heart, what I feel and that is how I will always be for the rest of my life.

Call me what you will, but this is me.


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