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Mason Jar Ideas For Your Wedding

Updated on September 12, 2013
The inventor of the Mason Jar, John Landis Mason
The inventor of the Mason Jar, John Landis Mason | Source

Ma-ma-son Jar?

To some people, the words "mason jar" may not ring a bell, but it has long been a part of our history ever since the middle of the 19th Century. In 1858, a tinsmith named John Landis Mason created and patented the mason jar. Back then, there were no refrigerators to preserve and slow down the rotting of fruits, vegetables and other food products. Mr Mason was clever enough to create these airtight containers which became part of millions of households for many years to come.

Unfortunately, although he was very inventive, he did not became rich. In fact, when he died in the early 20th Century, he died in poverty. But his name will live forever. He will be forever remembered as the inventor of the jar so important in the kitchen and in rustic weddings.

For Weddings?

Ever wondered how a simple mason jar can transform something simple into a beautifully timeless rustic wedding? There are simply a million and one ways these unassuming jars can be used in a rustic wedding from the invitation cards right down to your drinking glasses. Read more below to find out how mason jars can be part of your wedding at every step of the way.

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Invitation Cards

First up, the invitation cards. Many couples who decide to have a rustic themed wedding almost always have a mason jar somewhere. Even the invitation cards do not survive the onslaught of these delightful containers.

There are freelancers who would be willing to do customizable mason jar invitations for anyone. I find that has a treasure trove of these for such inexpensive prices. Alternatively, also has a few sellers who would be more than thrilled to help out any prospective clients. I am sure you would be able to find one that would be perfect for your wedding.

Browse through what other couples have chosen for their own wedding in the gallery on the right.

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Chandeliers, although not a necessity in a wedding, still bring in a unique ambiance and must be taken into consideration in a rustic wedding. Mason jar chandeliers manage to bring both the elegance and the homey feel into the reception area.

It is difficult to say if it is possible to purchase these mason jar chandeliers but hey, a little do-it-yourself would not hurt, right? It will probably even make it even more affordable as well so it is a win situation.

Another plus for this DIY decoration is that after the wedding reception, you can just bring it back home with you again and make it a permanent fixture there. It does bring a lot of life and light into an area. Throw out the candles and pop in the wires and preferred light bulbs that resemble candle light and you are on your way to America's homiest home.

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Table Centrepiece

A very simple rustic or vintage table, even without a table cloth draped over it, would still look amazing with just that to accessorize it.

To create a mason jar table centerpiece, you would have to decide what kind you both would like. If your wedding reception is at night, it would look beautiful if you had mason jars of different sizes streamed at the middle of the table. Each one with candles of different sizes as well.

However, you could also opt for the usual mason-jar-as-vase way. I am sure it would look just as great. I would prefer mine simple-- filled with baby's breath and sunflower.

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Who likes the same old, same old? A wedding is a time to throw out what's conventional and try out the "crazy" things. One way to do this is through the use of mason jar glasses. What is amazing about these jars is that we can customize each one according to our desire. We may also leave them as they are and just fill them up with freshly-squeezed juice. also has a nice assortment of mason jar drinking glass labels and other accessories to spice up that pickling bottle. Even the straws can be customized. Thus, you would have so many to choose from. Don't get spoilt with the choices!

See the photos on the right for more ideas. Those are really mason jars. See how they make everything look amazing? It is definitely a nice touch. I'd have to take note of this since this is a must-have for my own wedding.

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Cupcakes in a Jar

Be creative. Who said cupcakes have to be in its usual... cupcake form? Let's face it. We love to dig in. How about putting those cupcakes inside the mason jar? It would beat the monotonous take-a-teeny-tiny-bite-out-of-me cupcake. Now, we have the dig-in-and-stuff-your-face cupcake in a jar.

It will make your wedding even more memorable where guests actually feel more at ease and never uptight. This brings everyone back to their childhood days where they get to hang out in the kitchen with a spoon digging into the peanut butter jar.

What is fantastic about most of these mason jar ideas is that they can be used in any other occasion, not just a wedding.

Have fun!


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