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Mean Girls: How to spot them

Updated on April 30, 2012

You have all seen Lindsey Lohan in Mean Girls. When she was secretly forced to join the plastics. Every school has them and there are some girls that you have to watch out for. How do you spot a mean girl? Here's how:

1) You don't know her well and she hugs you.

2) After one or two conversations she says that she is your best friend or friends forever.

3) When you see a cute guy she will fight you for him.

4) You get the feeling that you can't trust her.

5) She smiles at other girls and then talks about them behind their back.

6) She makes you feel insecure.

7) You tell her a secret and the next day everyone knows.

8) She will asks you a personal question loudly in front of a group of people.

9) She says she doesen't really like another girl but is nice to them because she has to be.

10) She laugs with people who hurt you.

There are other signs to know weather or not a girl is a mean girl. So beware if you know anyone who is doing any of these. If someone is mean to one person be sure that they will be mean to you.

Have you ever been a mean girl before?

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