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Meaningful Love

Updated on September 3, 2015

Definition Of Love


In school we were taught love to be a verb as for instance “I love” but it does make one ponder that this statement is incomplete without an object, this love has to be transited somewhere, it requires an object so to fulfill this we do focus our love on an object and ultimately we do fix an object that is called relationship like friendship, parenthood, husband- wife etc. this love is stopped on it, nothing remains in one’s life his whole being is focused on fulfillment of desires of the person whom one loves. We have created a wall in the name of relationship; our love’s flow is bound up to a certain limit. We have set up our limit but love being a verb will flow randomly in its boundary this love being flowed in a limited space causes friction after sometime. It has to be freed otherwise we are struggling to be free from its clutches due to suffocation, this love if not ventilated will pollute and strain the relation. It will try to find a leakage or an outlet for its flow, to move freely just as water and air it needs an outlet when the air in the balloon is more than required it burst or if there is an outlet it will flow from it and mingle in the air outside the balloon in this way water will also find its way to flow it cannot be stopped so is love it cannot be confined to the walls of relationship and if it is confined it makes the man selfish and arrogant by nature he will only think of the person to whom his love has been confined. This love than makes a world very difficult place to live, just as we have god’s love flowing in all directions without any biases towards anyone of us his love is selfless without any suffocation or say any expectation. Just as god loves us we have to love the people of the earth than only we can claim true love. Love for everyone, selfless love.

We ‘manu’ have made everything complicated by giving name to our relationship and setting a boundary for our love it has to be free from all attachments then we can claim yes, we are in love, love for every living creatures. The object of our love should not be for human but for all living being as in the religion of Jainism its explained. Love should be detached and feelings should have no disparities thus in this way we can keep ourselves away of the hurt that people inflict on us. if this attitude towards love we maintain than we can say we have conquered the world.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 2 years ago

      Not all love is equal or the same.

      What separates parental, sibling, family, and friendship love from "romantic love" is our desire to be physically intimate with our mate. If one removes the romance & passion they would be left with (platonic) love.

      You said: "Love should be detached and feelings should have no disparities thus in this way we can keep ourselves away of the hurt that people inflict on us." It's the same as saying put the brakes on how much you love someone.

      In all honesty to truly experience being "in love" requires one to be in their most vulnerable place for giving and receiving.

      One of the reasons many folks hark back to the days of their "first love" is because oftentimes that was the one and only time they threw caution to the winds and put their heart and soul completely into a relationship.

      However after they experienced heartache they promised themselves to never put themselves in the position to be hurt so deeply again.

      Therefore they're always keeping one foot outside of the relationship, sleeping with one eye open, looking for signs or red flags, laying down boundaries and "deal breakers". These efforts we make are to ensure we always view our relationships as "You & Me" instead of "Us & We".

      Loving with detachment is easy but cowardly. To love "all in" takes {courage} especially if it's a 2nd, 3rd, or more times.

      We tell ourselves we can't trust anyone but the reality is we don't trust ourselves to choose the "right one" for ourselves.

      In the end we learn to settle for a love that is "measured" complete with an escape clause while silently reminiscing about days when our hearts skipped a beat, had butterflies in stomach, laughed and talked for hours, held hands & snuggled, and sex was a magical trip to heaven.

      That was our "first love" and we'll never feel that way again because we refuse to put ourselves at risk of hurting that badly. It was a fairytale.

      So today when we say; "I love you" it's (without emotion or passion). It simply means (I care a lot about you and I appreciate you.) You greet each other with a kiss on the cheek and exchange pleasantries about each other's day, grab a bite to eat, watch TV, and go to bed for the next 40-50 years.

      Now that's "real love".