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Meet And Cheat - Online Dating and Cheating

Updated on April 26, 2011

Online Dating

Difficult to believe, but the fact is that at least 12 percent of the people who advertise seeking online dating services are already married. This only goes to prove that all of us are polygamous by nature and wish to continue flirting even post marriage.

With the online dating facility now available, Internet users can effectively explore possibilities for forging new friendships. Although these online dating websites are becoming a convenient tool for the desperate philanderers, it cannot be denied that eligible singles are also seizing the opportunity to identify suitable mates.

People who are too busy and do not have time to socialize and those who have just moved into a new neighborhood eagerly wanting to pick up friends in the vicinity and Internet users who are genuine extroverts – find the online dating website a veritable boon.

Online dating truths - "I am the teenage girl you were with, in the chat room!"
Online dating truths - "I am the teenage girl you were with, in the chat room!" | Source

Dating sites originally started as social greet, know and meet services on the Net. The obvious grey area is in identifying the sector you wish to target as there are many classifications such as – singles, divorced, widows/widowers, platonic friendship, live-in relationships, casual encounters, gay etc.

It is a fact that when Internet assumed vigorous dimensions, the entire globe shrank as it put people in touch sans national boundaries. The ability to chat with friends worldwide was found exciting by many. Individuals who established contact online, soon began regularly corresponding with each and often developed emotional bondage. Such occurrences would have been impossible in the pre-computer era.

Social networking sites saw in this a grand business opportunity and further fine-tuned their services. Dedicated services catering exclusively to gays, professionals, married people and casual sex seekers etc were made available – throwing to the winds all concepts of public morality and discarding long-held ethical beliefs.

These types of segregated online dating sites undoubtedly have their advantages. Single and eligible individuals, looking for permanent tie-ups, are less likely to be hooked to persons already married or those with other encumbrances. But the chief demerit of providing opportunities to the morally depraved and unscrupulous elements to succeed - still persist. Online dating has provided a passport for extra-marital affairs and for adventurous spouses to turn unfaithful.

Some Useful Tips on Online Dating

There is no denying the principal aim of online dating service is to provide you opportunities to flirt. Many people are embarrassed trying to hook a person for flirting in a face-to-face conversation and this impersonal way of achieving it is vastly simpler.

There are quite a few proven approaches to succeed in online flirting and you must research a bit to identify the method that would suit you best. As is known, online dating is done through regular chat or e-mail. There are quite a few proven approaches to succeed in online flirting and you must research a bit to identify the method that would suit you best.

Do not strain the recipient with messages that are made up of long-winding convoluted sentences. Never ever attempt to throw your weight around. Keep your messages simple, short and crisp and make sure that the interest of the opposite party is sustained

It is safer to use some pseudonym than your true name in written messages. Select a nickname that you are comfortable with and feel confident using.

Using a self-confident tone and conveying a spirit of sincerity in your conversations is an effective dating tip.

Do not reveal too much of yourself or constantly speak about you plus points. Learn to listen and give as much chance as possible to the other person to write and say what he /she wants. Wit is the salt of conversation and humor plays a critical role in letting a conversation proceed without becoming monotonous. People who enjoy a robust sense of humor will certainly succeed faster in online dating.

Understanding human nature is a key to succeed in developing any personal relationship. For instance, everyone expects some praise or an occasional compliment. Pass on a word of praise whenever it is appropriate and you will see the other person’s face lit up.

Finally, you must learn to use your charm while communicating and this will aid you travel faster in achieving your end-goals. Online dating is an art and practicing a few of the tips mentioned here will soon make you an adept in flirting techniques.

Just following these simple better online dating tips will help you be a flirting master sooner than you expected and will ultimately get you that successful date you've been waiting for.


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