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Men Are Human Beings

Updated on November 17, 2015

Men's Rights Are Apparently Not Human Rights?! This Is A Hate Crime


What is a man? What an absurd and manipulative question. It assumes that we can box all men into one category and tell all men they are not men unless they do A, B, C, D, E et cetera. Shaming men, telling them they are not men or to man up or be a man, are all manipulative tactics which are used in our misandric society to keep men in a narrow box we call masculinity. From birth to the grave, men are confined to this box our culture and society defines them by. Men are denied a part of their humanity and of the freedom to be themselves in their entirety. Men are controlled and ostracised when they don't conform to what men "should be".

You Are Not Machines, You Are Not Cattle, You Are Men!

What is a man? Being yourself, being all of who you are without concern for what others think of you and most importantly being human. Men are treated like disposable machines in this sick man-hating gynocentric culture. We deny them the right to express emotion. We don’t regard men as worthy as women of our empathy and concern. We expect men to sacrifice their lives for society, to take on the risky, demanding and life threatening work. We expect men to care for the well-being of others, particularly women and children, but not for their own well-being. We tell men that their worth to society is measured by their labour, not their humanity. We tell men fatherhood is irrelevant and that their rights as a parent are expendable.

Stop Listening To This Man Hating Gynocentric Culture Telling You To Hate Yourself Because You Are Male

We tell men that empathy, kindness, cooperation, fairness and nurturing are feminine qualities of the “fairer sex”. These are human qualities! Not feminine qualities. Men have the right as human beings to be all of these things as well. These qualities are just as much masculine as they are feminine. Men have the right to be themselves and to be accepted for who they are as people. Men have the right to feel and express their emotions. Men have the right to live and be treated as human beings. Men should not be demonised for being men by this man-hating gynocentric culture. Men should not feel ashamed for being men. Men should be encouraged to take care of themselves. Fatherhood should be cherished and treasured by society. Men should feel proud of being men and should feel appreciated for the wonderful human beings that they are.

Men should not be stripped of their humanity. Men should not be treated as disposable utilities by our society. Men should not be reduced, broken down and made into unloved, hateful and evil creatures. Most of the tiny minority of men who are evil, are not born evil, they are made that way by a society that ignores them, exploits them and breaks them.

Men are human beings. Men have feelings. Men hurt and bleed. Men matter.

Men should not have their identities cruelly confined to a box of what society says makes a man.

Men have the right to decide for themselves who they are as people and how to live their own life.

Men should be loved, not hated.


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