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Men, Who Do You Like More, Gorgeous Female Celebrities or Gorgeous Everyday Women?

Updated on May 2, 2014

A gorgeous non-celebrity female


Isn't she pretty

with that "million-dollar" smile? And that pretty long hair? I wish I could have met girls like this in my single days, but I didn't get to travel where women like this exist. I would speculate that this pretty girl is either in her last year of college or has just graduated college and now going to graduate school to further her education. She doesn't desire fame, fortune, or celebrity-status. She only desires to have a peaceful, productive, and happy life.

At this point in her life, she isn't thinking about marriage or being involved with anyone. She has her priorities in line just like her mother, also a college grad with a Ph.D taught her while she was still in high school.


This is Hollywood film superstar, Jessica Alba

and it is her job to be pretty. All of the time. Year around. Being pretty 24/7 has really given Jessica a lot of dividends--money, fame, popularity, to namie a few. She has appeared in such movies as: "The Fantastic Four: RIse of The Silver Surfer," where she played "Sue Storm," whose magical powers helped the Fantastic Four in their encounter with the Silver Surfer. She also starred with Dane Cook in the comedy-romance film, "Good Luck, Chuck." Jessica stays fit, eats smart, and takes care of herself mentally and physically. What else could a guy ask for?

Find the pretty celebrity in these photos

She loves being thin.
She loves being thin. | Source
This is an average girl?
This is an average girl? | Source
Hollywood film star, Megan Fox.
Hollywood film star, Megan Fox. | Source

Pretty celebrities: The pro's

  • Always looks perfect--hair, make-up, fashion.
  • Popular everywhere she goes.
  • Always hounded for autographs.
  • Always wears a smile
  • Adored by fans by the thousands

Pretty celebrities: The con's

  • Always surrounded by handlers, bodyguards.
  • Pursued by gangs of photographers.
  • Hounded by fans for autographs.
  • Can never be seen as less-than-perfect.
  • Has to please her fans no matter how bad she feels.

Non-celebrity girls: The pro's

  • Easy to talk to.
  • Never surrounded by throngs of adorning fans.
  • Has time for "Average Joe's" like myself.
  • Can relax and be herself.
  • Never self-centered, but humble.

Non-celebrity girls: The con's

  • Don't put too much emphasis on make-up or fashion. If she's comfortable that is all that matters.
  • Never has to please anyone but herself and this may be a sticking point to some guys, for "these" egomaniacal guys love for the woman they are with to please them.
  • Doesn't get "celebrity treatment," at restaurants--has to pay like everyone else.
  • She never sees herself as a gorgeous girl no matter how many times a man tells her that she is just that. Gorgeous.


Your turn, Men to Choose Who You Would Rather Be With

See results

My decision on

which of the two divisions of girls I had rather spend time with if I were a single guy is . . .

A gorgeous non-celebrity female. (Here are my reasons why).

  1. I am as average as dirt, so I do not want to "act" important and popular when I am not. It creates a pressure on me that I do not need.
  2. I am perfectly-content to just sit and listen to a gorgeous non-celebrity girl for hours on end. I appreciate women, NOT JUST AS SEX OBJECTS, but people with opinions, ideas, and feelings.
  3. A gorgeous female celebrity has too many people around her for me to be comfortable. I need to be totally-relaxed in order to communicate with a woman.
  4. I would be constantly-interrupted by a gorgeous celebrity's fans to establish any type of friendship.
  5. I would always have it in the back of my mind that she, the female celebrity, is on a level much higher than me and how can I relate to a person such as this?
  6. I like for a woman to have things in common with me. This makes conversation easier.
  7. Question: What would Jessica Alba have in common with me? Absolutely nothing but the fact that we are both members of the human race.
  8. I would be so nervous around a female celebrity that I would stutter and sweat so much that my shirt would stick to my body and the female celebrity would think that I needed medical attention.

Making my decision was tougher than I thought.

But after carefully weighing all of the pro's, cons, possibilities, and problems, I have decided, if I were a single guy again, to choose . . . .

Sorry. My decision can be seen underneath my photo ABOVE.


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, MizBeJabbers,

      Wow, thank you! I am speechless. I love your comment. And I respect your granddaughter for her values.

      I have three grandkids, two granddaughters, 13, 7, and grandson, 10. The 13-year-old doesn't wear that much makeup and her mom is going to make sure the 7-year-old doesn't either when she ages.

      It is not the makeup that makes the girl, but the inner-self, how he or she acts in private or public.

      I have seen both sides. Girls with lots of makeup who were very nice to me and girls with no makeup who were "Ice Queens," but give me an average girl with a little makeup and some "meat on her bones," pardon the expression, any day.

      And I mean it.

      Thanks for the sweet comment and visit.

      Your friend,


    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Dear Sheila,

      Thank you so very much for the kind remark. I was taught by the best. My mother. She taught me the meaning of respect for females at age six and she had a way of teaching that stuck. No, not beating it into me. But the gift of a gentle spirit and a gentle heart.

      I'm with you. It's what's underneath the morning after that counts.

      Thank you for the nice visit and comment.


    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 3 years ago

      Good for you! I may not be a man, but I'm going to add my two cents worth anyway. Have you ever picked up a tabloid and looked at the photos of the stars without their makeup? My husband used to photograph models, and he said most were all makeup. He said that most models' faces needed to be a blank canvas on which to paint a beautiful picture, and that really pretty ladies like Cindy Crawford were rare. I work with several young ladies whom I consider real beauties but they would never make it as models because they are only average height and weight (healthy attractive). My granddaughter is tall and naturally tiny slender, but not anorexic. She has a beautiful face with high cheekbones. She would never consider selling her beauty. In fact, I don't think she realizes how beautiful she is, and she rarely wears makeup. Voted you up++

    • profile image

      sheilamyers 3 years ago

      You are a rare find. I think most guys would choose the actress or at least a super-model wannabe. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but I've been on some of the dating sites. When the site has it set up where you can see what a man is looking for in a woman, I laugh at some of them. Not because I don't think the guy has a chance at someone like that, but because I don't think they're considering everything. Leave out the poparatzi, body, guards, money, etc and what are you left with? A woman with good looks for sure, but what's under that? I want to ask them if they're going to be disappointed when he wakes up beside a woman who is laying beside him in a natural state because she hasn't combed her hair or put her make-up on yet. And then there's what lies under all of that - her real personality. Sure, men and women both are attracted to good looking people of the opposite sex, but real men want more than eye candy or walking bling to hang on their arms.