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How Men and Women Think Differently

Updated on December 30, 2010

The difference between the way a woman thinks and a man thinks about a relationship is similar to a game of golf. Women will take note of all the things going on around the course, she'll know whats going on a few holes ahead of her, behind her, what's going on at the clubhouse, the weather, everything. And all of those elements are a part of her experience and game.  A man on the other hand, is thinking about the tee shot on hole 1. One shot at a time, hole by hole, till the course is complete and he can retreat to the clubhouse and drink a beer, but only when the process is complete. So how does this process relate to relationships? Globalization versus compartmentalization. Woman vs Man.

As a man, we tend to like things simple with one to one relationships. A then B then C. A view of a mans thoughts would be like a filing cabinet, with each issue or agenda in its own compartment, with only one drawer able to be open at a time. A woman on the other hand, keeps all of her drawers open and lets things from one drawer impact the other, A and B and C. The honest truth is that this is the natural tendency for a woman, to globalize. Unfortunately for men, we dont necessarily know how to handle this difference.  We don't quiet understand that the argument you had last night with a family member, carried into your morning and ruined your day at work. The ability of one thing to influence something so unrelated is often foreign to us. Add two parts overanalytic and one part emotion to the mix, and you have the perfect drink to mind-erase any sense of logical thinking and perception a man may have of you. 

Men like things spelled out for them, simple, open and shut. We like to solve problems, which is why we suck at listening to you, just listening. Ever notice that no matter how retarded it may seem, a guy typically offers his advice or opinion to your problem. Its our instinct.  So just like you have yours, we have ours.  As global thinkers you can't really help this, but trust me, while your budding relationship is floating in and out of every thought you have during the day, your guy is keeping you in his drawer, separate from the rest. The things that eat you up inside, the length and extent you go through, aren't shared tendencies with him, stereotypically speaking. And one of the biggest side-effects from your cloud like thinking that ultimately will drive him insane and seek the exit, is overanalyzing everything.

Not everything has a meaning, the words he spoke may just be words to impress. As a guy, one of the more impressive qualities a woman can posses is a filter of non-sense that is similar to ours. When we sense you link more and more things together of varying degrees of importance, and it starts impacting you emotionally, its time to ask for the check. Because we can sense it a mile away that this one's a step away from stage five clinger, and most guys, no matter how perfect the girl, doesn't want to make or break someones world. See, we know its not your hole world, but because you're a global thinker, your breakup will impact your entire life, and we know this.


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