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Men's Fear Of Women And How To Get Over It

Updated on August 18, 2011

Men’s Fear of Women and How to Get over It

Mens Fear of Women and How to Get over It
Mens Fear of Women and How to Get over It | Source

Men’s Fear of Women and How to Get over It

Men’s Fear of Women and How to Get over It

Men’s Fear of Women and How to Get over It

Men have a built in fear mechanism when women are concerned and getting over this weird insecure idea that we are not worthy is ridiculous. Most men may know what I am talking about when it comes to getting a women’s phone number and you just met her for the first time. The instant gratification of getting her number is one thing, but what about that one girl, that is so beautiful, you wish your gut was in it to ask for her number. What is the difference from her to the other girl? This is what you must draw a conclusion from in your pickup line game. There will always be that one woman that is your dream women; no other can touch her, not even you. So how does a man get over this difficult situation?

Well it’s quite simple, what sets her apart from the other women? Is it that she is more your type and you are having that love at first sight thing happening. This could be one of the highlights that you have not even considered, are you actually falling for one girl and not several? Is the,” Game”, over now, or has it just begun with a women that you finally care about even though you have not said two words to her. The women reeks of perfume that blows you away , there is not a dirty spot on her, she is dressed to kill , and she is killing you with her moves as they are so gallantly sexual to you. If this is your response to these women and you find it difficult to go up to her and ask for her name and number, you might have gone past the pickup artist game and into real life.

Yes, that dreaded thing called love, now you’re in love, not lust. If you’re a pick up artist or try to be one, then you have been stumped by this one lady. This lady is your one chance at making it real for you in life. She is not a sex friend, she is the one you want to take home for yourself, and keep her comfortable for life. If you feel this way and strongly agree she is the one, you will have to go up to her and let her know this. I would come across as usual and ask for her name and fiddle around to get her number, though might be difficult, but persistence will pay off. Tell her how she made you feel when she walked into the room and then be quick about it; you don’t want to creep her out. She may be amazed at your feelings and be polite and say thank you for the compliments, but be ready for a little bit of withdrawal also from this women , because your heart is rushing by now, and your taming it down while talking and she may catch on to this.

This is what I call love at first sight, and it matters not if you are just a guy collecting numbers from women to call, or if you’re the quite guy whom never ask for numbers from women. This may be the growing up stage of your life, and when no other women can make you feel like this one has you feeling, that my friend is love. Therefore, let your heart go with the situation and hopefully she responds in a manner that is neutral for you. She could even be married, so don’t let your imagination run too wild and get so worked up over a committed women until you know for sure. It’s funny how hard it is to go up to this women and get to know her, men fear rejection, and to be rejected by the one female we can’t take our eyes off of, is like being hit with a ton of bricks in your face and the feeling of thousands of laughing souls being sent to your direction. Of course, we know this is not true, this is just the feeling. Men’s fear of women whom stand erect and smell of perfume fragrance that is cooling in nature and have a demeanor of clean hygiene are very attractable to the male’s senses. Do not let fear get in the way of a women of this nature, she may be feeling the same way about you.


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