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Mental Cheating is not really cheating!

Updated on May 31, 2011

Mental Cheating...

Mental Cheating
Mental Cheating | Source

Mentaly cheating.

Mental cheating is not really cheating, right? I mean come on who doesn't do it. Any men or women that tells you or says that they don't think about cheating, are flat-out-right lying, unless they are the Virgin Mary or Jesus themselves. Otherwise is all on the open field.

Women are the best to keep it to themselves, that they have serious thoughts about cheating on something or with someone. They never will say it or seldom express what they are really thinking of doing, but the crazy thought is there. Women think about sex more often than men, but never really execute the thought, for reasons of feeling bad or having re-precautions afterwards.

Now men we are wild bunch and we are constantly think of women and sex, fantasying about how many women we can sleep with and also at the same time. How we can get women to just say to us "I want you or I want have sex with you", with out being turned down. Mentally men have a vivid mind to create the most intriguing situations without harming anyone, but coming out on top without any remorse or guilt.

I mean the act of cheating, yea that's a very serious action, but mental cheating, it's not real until it becomes physical. Everyone does it every where, at work, stores, streets, school and every place we go and see the opposite sex.

We try to cheat in many ways for many reason, another really famous way to cheat is in your "INCOME" those credits are really nice. We as a society are more prone to do it and we search on the famous internet on "HOW TO" do it better than the next person and not get caught doing it.


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    • HattieMattieMae profile image

      HattieMattieMae 6 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

      Being on the internet, and in social work it is worse than physical because you become attached emotionally that that other person. You are connecting with them spiritually, emotionally, and pretty much when you cheat having sex, it is physical, but your still thinking and processing it. It is a lot harder to break up with someone emotionally & spiritually than it is physically. I have seen how close people get, sexually as well. Just because you aren't haven't physical sex over voice doesn't mean you are not actually there. I would rethink that, because Plenty of people all over the globe feel closer to people over the internet than the person that is in there own bed.