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Modern Love and How to Love Unconditionally

Updated on May 27, 2015

Modern World and Modern Love

There is so much confusion these days as to what type of a relationship people should have and for many, insecurities from previous or past relationships have altered the way people want to move forward in a relationship in the future. They want to be loved and love someone but they are also afraid of committing to someone that might hurt them or they enjoy the freedom of having to do as they please.

A modern relationship is one with no labels and no drama which is not stereotyped in any way. You can meet someone online and decide to get married to them, you can join a dating service and go on a blind date and you can choose to date anyone that your heart desires and in these modern times, nobody is able to judge you.

We have same sex marriages now, gender operations and movies about certain sexual preferences that can be screened at the cinema for all to see without a ban and discrimination is no longer welcome in the modern day love.

Modern love means being free
Modern love means being free | Source

Freedom to Love Whom You Choose

Many years ago we had colour barriers and we were not allowed to date someone of colour, it was unheard of to date someone outside of your culture and loving someone from the same gender was also absolute sin but now in these times people are able to be free to love whomever they choose without being stoned.....well in most countries.

The freedom of choice comes with a great responsibility and people who might not understand or be prepared to accept the choices that you have made.

Coping with a life out of the ordinary is a new and modern way of loving but it comes with the burden of having to fight through the criticism and a relationship or decision that you make would have to stand the test of time to be able to cope with the painful views of others.

Our society is still not up to speed to accept things that are not balanced and considered normal but the truth is that we do live in modern times and in this era we are allowed to be free to speak, act and love whomever we want.

Unconditional Love

This is love that is given to you by family who love you no matter what decisions you choose to make and they will stand by you no matter what. Do not be afraid to let your family know what you are deciding to do as you will need support from people who love you.

Unconditional love is love that has no boundaries or problems or issues and this can also come from people that you are in love with. If there is a "but" in your relationship then it is not unconditional and if you are required to change for someone to love you more than it is not really love in the first place.

Most families will give unconditional love and they might not always like the decisions or choices that you make but they will love you all the same.

Spouses or partners will love you regardless too and there is no room in a relationship for people who cannot accept your ideas or decisions.

When choosing to love someone think of whether it is real love and unconditional love by just being yourself and having no expectations from a partner and if this is not the way that it is then you are in the wrong relationship.

People often make mistakes and this is human nature but it does not mean that to love someone unconditionally you will have to accept each mistake that they have made, in fact, you need to ensure that you are not being taken advantage of and forgiveness is key but not a second time.

Loving unconditionally means that love is endless, it has no boundaries and there is not ultimatums as you are happy, honest and loved equally within your partnership. A true love will accept the things you say and do because you will be doing them out of love and that is the way that it is.

Unconditional love is amazing and yes there will be times where there is an argument or two but it also means that you are free to be loved for who you are!!

Gay Pride in Cape Town
Gay Pride in Cape Town

Gay Relationships

I think by now we have moved on forward in this department as society has accepted same sex relationships a little more than they used to. Many or most countries now allow same gender marriages and adoption has even been accepted by two parents of the same gender.

There will always be people who will frown upon the "abnormal" lifestyles that others choose to live and they will give you the evil eye or have something to say which would make you feel uncomfortable but the truth is that they cannot accept change or don't understand and for that you need to let it go.

Live your life the way that you want to live it and don't be afraid to be who you are!

You should think carefully about your choices first as love should not be a statement or an accessory, a need for attention or plane and simple revenge, you need to make decisions based on your heart. If you do not do this then people who love you will end up getting hurt and that is not fair to anyone.

Be open and honest about who you really are and remember that if you are wanting to tell your family, they probably have known deep down anyway, so don't be afraid, be you and just let go so that you can feel free.

Families will eventually understand or accept your lifestyle decision and it might take time and a few tears but the sooner you let it out, the better for everyone.

Bruce Jenner and transgender changes

Bruce Jenner was once an Olympic athlete as a man, he has know become a woman
Bruce Jenner was once an Olympic athlete as a man, he has know become a woman
Chastity Bono or daughter of Cher also went under the knife and became Chaz Bono
Chastity Bono or daughter of Cher also went under the knife and became Chaz Bono

Transgender Question

What do you think about transgender changes?

See results


This is a tough decision to make especially if you have lived an entire life with a family who love you and if you have had children. A decision like this should be made early on in your life so that when you do choose to have children, they will not be confused or disrupted within their own lives.

In the past it was completely unacceptable and medically impossibly which made it impossible to come out and express how your body never matched your emotional state but now it is possible to change.

Some people get trapped in a body that they are not suited for and that is the way it has been described to children but when children have grown up and dad wants to become mom, it is too late to explain and it is imperative that these choices are made before children become involved.

A harsh reality is that it takes a lot of strength and bravery to come out and let everyone know that you would like to change genders and you will expect people to behave with indifference.

Time heals all wounds and in this instance it will take a lot of time and a lot of tears, misplaced anger and whatever other emotion to get through this with the people that you love and love you.

It might be difficult for girlfriends to understand that their friend would like to swop genders but in time, they will understand and if they don't then it is time to move on and have a fresh start with a new life.

Mixed Race Marriages and Relationships

Not only has there been acceptance with gender changes and gay marriage but with mixed races too.

In the past it was unheard of and people were banished for looking at a member of a different race.

Democracy has altered that for people around the world and it is still not yet accepted completely in many countries.

For some it is because of tradition and cultural differences as families want to continue the bloodline with the traditions of their ancestors.

For others it is purely a race issue and many just can't get themselves into the world of equality for all. Everyone of us is the same and colour doesn't change that, culture and tradition does but if you are loving someone unconditionally then none of these things will matter as you either adapt and accept or leave.

Mixed and Modern Families

Love does not just have issues about colour or gender it also has issues with age and mixed families. People often question why an older man or woman would be with a younger man or woman and it is frowned upon with all sorts of questions. Some do it for money and others have a complex whilst most are in a midlife crisis.

The truth about dating or marrying someone older or younger is that the public don't know the reasons and each person has their own reason for falling in love. Unconditional love is not about age, gender, race or anything else but love.....and we cannot help who we fall in love with, there doesn't have to be a reason for it, it could just be a personal choice and who you have connected with.

Mixed families can also be frowned upon as children are paraded around with a family tree that has know meaning or no sense of where they have all been and come from. Divorced parents with children from previous marriages and siblings that are confused about parental guidance can be a frustration to the children but it is a choice that is made and to be accepted, like everything, it needs to be understood and explained carefully to those who are involved.

A modern family is not necessarily like this one but there is an example.
A modern family is not necessarily like this one but there is an example.

Modern Love and the Modern Family

At the end of the day the choices that we make are choices and decisions that we have to live with and it is up to you how you choose to live your life.

For those who have families it is up to you to help the children or people in that family understand the dynamics and it is between you and your family, nobody else.

Love is unconditional, understanding and forgiving....(to a point) and it needs no sorry or explaining, just love and that is all there is to it.

Bruce Jenner interview


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