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Modern Romance (one)

Updated on March 15, 2011

How does one find love in this day and age? The world is so corrupted that people don’t even know what love is! They lost all sense of romance and chivalry. You ask a guy if he wants to get married and the most common answer is “I don’t believe in marriage” WHAT? And those who do believe in marriage don’t believe in the sanctity of it. I mean come on! If marriage is no longer “the thing people do when they are in love” then what is, what do we have left? Even a relationship is a step that some might not take, “I’m just not ready for anything serious right now ok” or “I’m not ready to commit, I just think that relationships are too much to handle, I need privacy” Really, privacy? What we did last night wasn’t private huh? Well ladies life has gotten harder for us. Women are no longer settled with their husband and kids by the age of thirty anymore, I mean that is so 60’s right? But don’t you wish you were in the sixty’s to experience what we call respect and honor? (Well of course minus everything else that followed during that time.) I know I would. Guys these days are disrespectful, manipulating and very disappointing. Everywhere you turn there’s a single mother. If you find that one guy who treats you like a queen and like the woman you know you are, please, keep him. It’s best to stay out of this thing I call “The Hunt” which is the process of finding a man, a good man.

I have been hunting since I was 12. Mr. Right was always right outside my window, I just had to catch him. Well as you know hunting is a relaxing, yet mind-racking sport. To catch the prey, you must follow his every move without being seen, get acquainted with the surrounding and most importantly know the game well and outsmart his every move. You have to be subtle, and patient but most importantly you MUST always be a step ahead. You keep hoping he will stay interested or linger around long enough for you to take your shot and hopefully bring him home forever. Yes, It is a difficult sport but this is just a regular day in the 21st century.


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    • Barbara88 profile image

      Barbara88 6 years ago from New york

      it's always great when you meet a wonderful man you weren't even looking for, the relationship always lasts, i'm always very happy to hear about successful relationships in this day and age. Thank you very much for the comment :)

      ps: go, enjoy life and enjoy your man!

    • Escobana profile image

      Escobana 6 years ago from Valencia

      It IS a regular day in the 21st century! Been there, done that for way too long. I stopped the hunting for Mister Right 5 years ago. I only hunted for Mister Right Now. Made my life very interesting:-)

      Four years later, I found my man anyway. I didn't hunt for him. I was too happy on my own to notice him for real. He seemed the type of guy you described.

      I was very wrong. He swept me of my feet, dedicated himself to me completely and treats me like his only girl. Being in love, having someone special at your side is the most beautiful thing there is.

      It took some time though...being 38 almost:-)

      Loved your Hub! Very well written!

    • Barbara88 profile image

      Barbara88 7 years ago from New york

      Thank you so much for following :)

    • crystolite profile image

      Emma 7 years ago from Houston TX

      Beautiful article that really hit the nail at head,yeah i really concord with you.keep it up and thanks for sharing.