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Mommas Boy: The Man We Love and Their Relationship With His Mother

Updated on June 9, 2015

Ah men, we love them. But do we have to love their mother too?

Be careful how you answer that or at least don’t answer it with him in earshot.

When I first met my ex-boyfriend, and I emphasize EX. I admired the respect and love he had for his mother. He would call her at least three times a week, send her cards and even make special trips to see her. I felt that if he was this kind to his mother, surely he would treat me the same and our future daughters. Right?


Don’t misunderstand me, he treated me with the highest regard. But all to soon it became very clear that I was second on his list of the women he loved.

Mothers and sons have a very unique relationship. From the day they welcome their new arrival into the world; a bond is set. This is who he learns what love is, what it is to be cared for and about, this is where your “man” learns he’s “mommas special baby boy.”

Is He a Mommas Boy or Not

So how do we know if this man is truly a momma boy or just loves his mother? Let's look at this closer. Answer these questions:

  1. Talking to his mother a couple times or even everyday is fine as long as there is a boundary. But does he freak out if and panic that he didn't call and is worried that mom will be mad?
  2. If his mother calls while you are out to dinner and says she needs him for something basically trivial, does he tell you he has to go?
  3. He has a cold, does mom come over to care for him?
  4. If you have a fight, does he call mom for advise?
  5. Is his mom his best friend?


Notorious Momma Boy- Frank The Entertainer

How To Compete With His Mother

Alright, you still reading, that must mean you answered yes to at least one. So how do you compete with his mother? She has had him his entire life?

Well, there is a couple suggestions.

  • Spend Time With Her- I know, just what you didn't want to hear. But, if you spend time with her maybe you won't see her as such a threat. Plus, she may see you as a competent replacement, so to speak. I also advise you to spend time with her alone. Go have coffee or shopping. This can put aside feelings of isolation and make you a valid part of the family.
  • Talk to Him- Honesty is best. Don't give him an ultimatum as you may not like the choice. But do tell him in a considerate way that, 'while you respect the fact he loves his mother and they have a close relationship, you feel it is interfering with your relationship.'
  • Compare Him To Your Father- Childish? Yes,may be a little, but he'll get the point. You cannot compare to the way his mom does things, maybe he needs to hear he isn't up to your dad. So, mention things to him that would make him just like your father.


Life Goes On

Being with a "mommas boy" is frustrating. You never knew you would be second place in your relationship. But you fell in love with this man for a reason. I'm almost willing to bet the reason was not his mother, so don't make his mother the reason to leave.

Answer these questions

Has your man put his mother before you?

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Does his mother give him advise on your relationship?

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    • profile image

      Rain 5 years ago

      i married a mama's boy.... i hate it.

      His mom always come before me and our daughter and she is interfering as well.

      He can't hang out with me and our daughter on a sunday because he complains he is bored but he can spend an entire weekend with his mommy.

      we're currently separated, his mother is partially the reason.

    • profile image

      Shefali 7 years ago

      I dun kno...i've been dating a mumma's boy since quite long and the worst thing is wen he's wi his mum he does nt want to speak to me ...His mum calls up almost n no. of tyms....he never avoids his mums call on me...whereas he can certainly avoid ma call on her mum..sick n tired of the interference...It is nt lyk dat , dat her mum dozent lyk me ...she lyks me..n i lyk her 2...but he's nt able to make balance...sumtyms i feel dat is he tryin to make me feel dat i dnt respect ma parents...especially ma mum....sumtyms i really feel lyk givin him d worst f treatments...

    • profile image

      jokupella 7 years ago

      I'm dating a Momma's boy and I HATE IT.

      He has low self-esteem because of her. He does stuff to piss me off on purpose, because SHE told him to. She's called me ugly and fat.. and he didn't say SHIT.

      I love him too much to let him go.

    • ahostagesituation profile image

      SJ 7 years ago

      I've managed to date only one momma's boy. To be fair she was a pretty spectacular woman, we liked each other. But at the end of the day...when it came right down to it, I really wasn't up for competing with her for him.

    • PaulaHenry1 profile image

      PaulaHenry1 7 years ago from America

      I beg to differ. I feel they become more clingy and needy as that what momma gave them and they are accustom to it. Thanks for the comment!

    • padmendra profile image

      PADMENDRA S R 7 years ago from DELHI/NCR

      Momma's boy are less protective and committed towards their spouse. It is true and most of us know that those who are deeply attached to their mom's are not loyal towards their wife. Their dealing with them is not up to the mark and most of the times they keep on complaining or harassing their wife. The basic cause behind it is due to the fact that their emotions is controlled by their mothers and the part of life to be played by their wife at certain stage is played by their mothers. The people of this kind don't actually need the closeness or emotional touch.