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The Generous Money-Spender Personality Type

Updated on January 24, 2015

Generous Spenders love to finance what will make an extraordinary impact for others. Should it be suggested that their pursuit of improving others' lives is less important—certainly less than spending that ensures more financial stability and security—they can readily become disheartened.

If take such a suggestion personally, you might get criticized right back for your seeming "insult"! They can easily feel their personal values are not respected or even taken wrong.

Money management to the Generous Spender is the pursuit of ideals taking priority over the financial planning that others would say is lacking. When you or anyone else looks to be saying such generous giving expenditures should be reduced, they can feel squeezed—like their desire to express their own uniqueness is being constrained. Giving is the way Generous Spenders express themselves.

The Generous Spender tends to be iNtuitive and Feeling. These behavioral attributes comprise one of four primary temperament types in MBTI (Myers-Briggs) personality theory.

Hurdles for the Charitable Spender

The iNtuition-Feeling (NF) temperament type of the Generous Spender has a certain spending passion. They can be so caught up in their desire to express this passion that this tends to dictate their financial management.

Their strong desire to empower others makes them glad to help in any way, even with their personal funds. This passion and any dislike for making and keeping detailed plans can prove to be hurdles when planning a personal budget and adherence to it.

They think they have a good sense for when spending beyond their means ... so then don't even check the figures!


Motto: Spend to express who I am.

Financial Satisfaction for the Generous Spender

The Generous Spender can clear these hurdles by making definite financial goals. These goals must include not only their own future, but the needs of others they want to help, as well.

Spending on what they see as improving the lives of others is quite emotionally fulfilling for the NF mind of the Generous Spender type. This is when money becomes important to them.

When money management seeks to spend for "a good cause," a few guidelines will help ensure they do keep within their means. The setting of financial goals can do several things for the Generous Spender.

  1. Make their money matter where most important.
  2. Relieve the worry of not having thought through their own financial needs well enough to have enough.
  3. Ensure funds are available for the occasional "splurges" on themselves for the exact thing they think enhances their own learning and personal growth.

Habits of the Generous Spender

The habits of a Generous Spender falls into one of two camps. This is contingent on whether the person is an Extravert and focuses on their outer world, or an Introvert and focuses on their inner world.

Generous Spenders of the Judging type

Generous Spenders of the Judging type tend to employ their iNtuitive preference in their inner world. So they

  • get "the best money can buy", and
  • find the risk worth taking when the end is clearly in mind.

They tend, therefore, to

  • either buy the best or do without, and
  • are insightful gift givers.

Generous Spenders of the Perceiving type

Generous Spenders of the Perceiving type tend to employ their iNtuitive preference in their outer world. So they

  • "have" money to spend on options, and
  • are comfortable with the risk involved if either well calculated, or done with someone.

They tend, therefore, to

  • delay gratification, and
  • may buy all the choices if paralyzed by seeming overwhelming possibilities.

There are four money personalities

Do you recognize yourself in the description of the Generous Spender? There are three other types: Strategic, Compulsive and Tightfisted Spenders.

Much of the above is based on material that was presented in a powerpoint by Ray Linder.

© 2011 Deidre Shelden


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