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The Tightfisted Money-Spender Personality Type

Updated on January 24, 2015

Tightfisted Spenders manage finances carefully and plan-fully. Anyone who tries to step in to help are met with resistance, rendering any such aid useless. No matter how much such help could potentially bring order with the "right" principles, the threatened loss of financial control can make the cautious-nature of the Tightfisted Spender go berserk!

Control is one of their top financial priorities. When they think they are losing control of their money management, they overly focus on or argue about the details, thinking things are worse than they really are.

The Tightfisted Spender is one of four primary personality temperament types. These temperaments represent the ways people differ from one another when defined by attitudes and actions. They are labeled by the two-letter codes SJ, SP, NF and NT, and the Tightfisted Spender is the first one, SJ.

Hurdles for the Tightfisted Spender

The Sensing-Judging (SJ) temperament type of the Tightfisted Spender are the Myers-Briggs® personality types of ESTJ, ISTJ, ESFJ and ISFJ. People of these types exhibit two challenging tendencies in their spending habits.

  1. They can get stuck in complicated disagreements on what is—or is not—an important financial expenditure.
  2. Unanticipated life changes with vague situations can threaten the Tightfisted Spender's priorities of controlled spending and an ordered budget.


Motto: Spend what my purse will allow.

Financial Satisfaction for the Tightfisted Spender

The SJ Tightfisted Spender can get unstuck by using a frugal strategy for those financial matters that really matter. This strategy can be one that is financially satisfying, even with limited income.

The mind of the Tightfisted Spender is set at ease by

  1. planning "fun money" and
  2. setting aside funds for the unforeseen future needs.

Even when this is in place, do not be surprised should the Tightfisted Spender need more time than expected to decide to go ahead with a fun or unforeseen expense ... just to make sure he or she didn't miss anything in the calculations!

The best help for such tight wads, though, is someone seriously sitting and listening to them list out the details of what they are so concerned about being managed well. They want to spend the limited funds efficiently and responsibly, so may need others to allow them to check out the value of a purchase and guard against waste.

Habits of the Tightfisted

This preference for keeping spending habits so tightly managed also means the Tightfisted Spender will

  • cautiously avoid instability, and
  • be careful to protect against negative outcomes.

They tend, therefore, to

  • go without, if they think they cannot afford it,
  • be loyal to store and brand, and
  • plan and save for purchases.

There are four money personalities

The following articles discuss three other money personalities. Do you identify with the Tightfisted Spender, or one of these others?

Much of the above is based on material that was presented in a powerpoint by Ray Linder.

© 2011 Deidre Shelden


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    • vrajavala profile image

      vrajavala 7 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      I think that in the case of all these compulsive spenders, the one thing they forget is God. He always provides.

    • Ms Dee profile image

      Deidre Shelden 7 years ago from Texas, USA

      Very helpful to know you think it practical, Betty! Yes, you could be this type, but a bit more conscious of how your actions impact others; as a Feeling type. The other person you are thinking of who this fits even better is the more logical Thinking type who is more conscious of systematic ordering. Just my guess.

    • Betty Johansen profile image

      Betty Johansen 7 years ago

      I might think this fits me if I didn't know someone who is a better fit. But I can see some of these tendencies in me.

      This study is a very practical approach to financial peace and success. Thanks for sharing your expertise.