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The Strategic Money-Spender MBTI Personality Type

Updated on January 24, 2015

The Strategic Spender is one of any four of the Myers-Briggs® (MBTI) personality types ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ or INTP. This money spending type has a personality temperament described in MBTI typology as NT, or iNtuitive-Thinking.

Strategic Spenders manage finances in order to master the future. Anyone trying to help by suggesting what so-and-so did may find there is no room allowed for such contemplations. The only valid idea is their own—the only one that makes sense!

So skeptical of any other suggested idea, they can get sarcastic and may even suddenly throw out a cutting response. So, watch out!

Money management for the Strategic Spender is the strategic-ness of their financial plan—their top financial priority. Whatever the plan, it must look well thought out on a grand scale that matches their vision of where they want their finances to end up in the long term. Allow them room to consider how a particular expenditure decision will fit those long-term financial plans.

Hurdles for the Strategic Spender

The iNtuition-Thinking (NT) temperament type of the Strategic Spender has clearly calculated spending habits. They make financial decisions based on their envisioned goals.

The plan to reach those goals can become so complex, however, while they seek out the maximum gain for the minimum input. They may take a plan down so many twists and turns that their complex planning can get caught in 'buyer's remorse' before buying!


Motto: Spending requires competence.

Financial Satisfaction for the Strategic Spender

The Strategic Spender can unravel those twists and turns through strategic infrastructure analysis. This is true as long as they feel their competence is supported by others.

The NT mind of the Strategic Spender is calmed by engaging their energetic analyzing and questioning in the design of an infrastructure for their financial future. Independence in managing their own finances, both for the short and long term, fulfills the Strategic Spender's need to see themselves as competent and capable; getting some distance from advisers.

Their sense of independent competence is furthered by

  1. others' silent support, and
  2. temporary relief of some of their other responsibilities allowing more time to think alone, or talk to a trusted listener.

Habits of the Strategic

The habits of a Strategic Spender falls into one of two perspectives. This depends on whether the person is an Extravert and focuses on their outer world, or an Introvert and focuses on their inner world.

Strategic Spenders of the Judging type

Strategic Spenders who are also Judging types prefer to focus the iNtuition preference on their inner world. So they

  • get "the best money can buy", and
  • find the risk worth taking when the end is clearly in mind.

They tend, therefore, to

  • either buy the best or do without, and
  • are insightful gift givers.

Strategic Spenders of the Perceiving type

Strategic Spenders who are also Perceiving types prefer to focus the iNtuition preference on their outer world. So they

  • "have" money to spend on options, and
  • are comfortable with the risk involved if either well calculated, or done with someone.

They tend, therefore, to

  • delay gratification, and
  • may buy all the choices if paralyzed by seeming overwhelming possibilities.

There are four money personalities

Does the Strategic Spender describe you? If not, you might see yourself more as one of three other types: Generous, Compulsive or Tightfisted.

Much of the above is based on material that was presented in a powerpoint by Ray Linder.

© 2011 Deidre Shelden


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    • Ms Dee profile image

      Deidre Shelden 7 years ago from Texas, USA

      Hey, how fun, Betty! This is so neat you could wade through them all and discover which fit you most :). Yes, may it give you a bit more insight that is helpful.

    • Betty Johansen profile image

      Betty Johansen 7 years ago

      I recognize the feeling of having buyer's remorse before buying. Yep, I think I found myself here. Thanks for the insights and suggestions.