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Mothers Rights – Child Custody Facts

Updated on August 11, 2010

Mothers Rights – Child Custody Facts

In the past century we have seen a lot of changes when thinking about mothers rights to child custody. In the beginning of the nineties the father received custody in almost all cases. This happened at that point in time due to the man's financial power. Nowadays money is no longer the most important factor that decides child custody. Now we do see an equal approach to both the rights of the father and of the mother. If you, as a mother, gain less money than the father you will not necessarily lose custody as it happened years ago.

Till the seventies new changes appeared in custody giving. In this time frame people started to believe that the mother was supposed to be the sole caregiver. All eventually led to some standards that are currently used. Nowadays we are faced with one decision based on the child's best situation. Even so, some courts still favor mothers in all seen custody battles. These courts think that mothers are offering primary child care because they are involved in most activities since the moment they give birth. Contrary to what most people think, although you may not be financially stable the possibility of gaining advantages just because you are the mother is reality. A number of strategies are to help out a lot when giving and getting custody rights.

Even if we do see that the mother has one highly important role, the father stands out as equally important. Nowadays everybody knows that a child needs both parents around in order to develop properly. If we see parents divorcing and then child custody trials begin we are sure to be faced with many problems. Even after one divorce ends we can say that the best solution we can have is to keep both parents involved in the child's life. While we see most courts currently favoring mothers rights when dealing with custody cases equality is always similar with parent analysis. The perfect solution is to look for that arrangement that is the best and will suit the child's interests.


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