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Mr. Right Now

Updated on November 17, 2014

Almost every girl dreams of meeting Mr. Right and having their happily ever after. Some guys put on an act they act charming and as if they are Mr. Right but then they do something that makes women see who they really are, Mr. Wrong.

Those guys may not be Mr. Wrong but it could be that they are Mr. Right Now. Meaning that Right now they are good and everything is good in the relationship but then they dissapear or find someone else. What they did to you they will definitly do to another girl.

Mr. Right now are guys that cannot be in a commitment. They will be there for the fun and physical parts but once things get serious or they find the littlest thing that that they do not like, they will move onto someone new.

Mr. Right now can leave girls feeling heartbroken. They could have trust issues with other guys because the guy they thought was for them totally broke their heart. They keep thinking of the good times they had with that special person and wish that they could go back to a time when things were good, but they cannot and it hurts.

Mr. Right now can act like the perfect guy. He will give you compliments and act like he belilevesin you. He will make you feel that you are the only girl in the world and then one day all of a sudden something changes. You have no idea what it was and he stops acting warm to you and stops invisting his time in you. You spend days guessing and try to fix it but whatever you do, you cannot make things better. He is Mr. Right now. He is not the type of guy who will be there for the long haul.

Many girls think that they could make Mr. Right now into Mr. Right. They think that they could be the one to change the guy who is scared of commitment into a guy who loves being in relationships. If you think you could be that girl you could be in for a big dissapointment. Mr. Right now does not want a relationship. He wants his freedom and there is nothing you could do to change that. If you want him than accept him as he is and know that you will never get a oving and commited relationship with him.

Mr. Right now moves on quickly because he gets bored. At first he is into a new girl and makes her feel as if she is the one but after awhile he gets tired of her. He feels that being with the same person is routine. He likes trying new things and having a variety of girls. So once he starts to feel comfortable with a girl or feels like it is getting serious he flees. Then he meets another girl and he keeps continuing his pattern of meeting a girl only with a certain amount of time to break her heart.

Mr. Right now likes the chase. If a girl is easy or show that she likes him he will move on. Mr. Right now likes girls who play hard to get. They like to be the one to always go up to a girl and contact her. They do not like to feel smoothered and if a girl seems to take away their freedome they back off becase Mr. Right now loves his freedom and he does not want to be around a girl who he feels is taking that away from him.

Mr. Right now loves to flirt. He knows what to say and he is easy with words. He will tell a girl anything and everything she wants to hear as long as he gets what he wants.

If you are dating or falling for a guy like this be careful. You may be with Mr. Right now instead of Mr. Right. Mr. Right is out there but you will be missing out on him if you still spend time with Mr. Wrong. Have fun, focus on yourself and focus on the guy who is true and will make you happy for now and time to come.

Are you with or have you ever dated Mr. Right now?

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