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My Crew at the Pool (Part III - Dorothea)

Updated on October 14, 2015

On August 13th, 2011, a gathering of friends and family will meet in Pasadena, California, to honor a woman who charmed people with her soft nurturing ways. She had a manner of tilting her head when listening to what you were saying. She made you feel important. She made you feel she had heard you.

She loved life, and she loved the water. She spent many of her morning hours at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, and she was an excellent swimmer.

She was vibrant up until her 94th year, even with her eyesight retreating. She did not want anyone but herself to be her caretaker, but in those last years many of My Crew at the Pool did selfless things to help her out.

Before she returned to spirit, her movements were slow, but determined. She taught us anything is possible if you want it and don’t feel sorry for your predicament. You take the situation, no matter what it might be, and smile and say “Thank you, I am here. I made it another day.”

But in the early part of July 2011, Dorothea fell and broke her frail bones in her leg. It was time. It was time to be one with the universe again. We miss her a lot, My Crew at the Pool, but we will think of her often as the years continue to fly by.

Below is our tribute to Dorothea (April 1916 – July 2011):

Sweet dreams, Dorothea, as you travel to the other side leaving behind your worn and tattered body.

Gently wake up, Dorothea, while adjusting your wings and enjoy this new freedom you cherished while on earth.

Smile down on us, Dorothea, knowing while doing so we are remembering you as we play and splash in the pool.

Set yourself free, Dorothea, as you soar to new heights and see how young and vibrant you are once again.

Welcome home, Dorothea, as you enter into God’s loving arms with the satisfaction of knowing the beautiful work you accomplished here on earth.


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    • GG Baba profile image

      GG Baba 6 years ago from Southern California

      I bet she does fly over the pool now and then don't you think. She will be around us. Wet feathers, GG BaBa

    • profile image

      Priscilla Vayda 6 years ago

      Thanks, Barbara. I dearly loved Dorothea and feel blessed that I was her friend.

      Pool Pal Priscilla

    • GG Baba profile image

      GG Baba 6 years ago from Southern California

      My Pleasure Kay the words came easy because of their truth. Thanks again, GG BaBa

    • profile image

      KAY EARLS 6 years ago

      A wonderful tribute to an amazing lady. Just beautiful. Thank you for writing this.