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My First Time Attending a Bridal Show

Updated on October 24, 2012

pretty displays

This set is only $38.00
This set is only $38.00 | Source
beautiful floral designs
beautiful floral designs | Source

A Bridal Show

Hello Huber's I just wanted to write this hub on my first time ever attending a bridal show! Also to let you know how fun and informational they are so if you are getting married this would actually be something great for you to see!

First of all I am not getting married any time soon though after attending one of these events made me want to get married! Anyway, my daughter and I had nothing to after church Sunday and right across the street on a fence was a big banner stating FREE BRIDAL SHOW AT THE (LOCAL) GOLF COURSE; so we went thinking we were going to see pretty models wearing beautiful wedding dresses but instead we seen everything else.....

We seen beautiful displays of flowers by Ferguson's Flower Gallery, Carla Holt, and others. Talked to a few photographers Bracamontes Photography, Constance Photography, and few more. Ate some delicious samples of pastries by Ontario Bakery and Diamond Bakery both were delicious! Seen an amazing candy display by Ferguson's Gallery of Totally Sweet! Also I met this really lovely lady who makes very affordable beautiful jewelry by the name of Eloisa Villegas. Last but not least mine and my daughter's favorite we got a free massage by Massage Envy Spa Diamond Bar. Oh yeah we also met some DJ from KB dj's entertainment who does special lighting effects as well! Overall it was a great experience, fun, delicious, and we brought home a bag of goodies and some good information!

LOL now I want to get married oh and these services are good for sweet 16's, Quencelleras and other party events!

Thanks for reading hope it was informational for you


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