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My Mona Lisa: The mystery continues.

Updated on May 12, 2013

How can I explain this mystery, the mystery of my Mona Lisa, when it is a mystery that involves many mysteries for true love, itself, is a mystery?

Just as the world has failed to really understand the mystery behind the inexplicable smile on Mona Lisa’s face so have I failed to understand the mystery behind my love for my Mona Lisa. It is alleged that Leonardo da Vince carried the Mona Lisa painting where ever he went. So it is that I always carry my Mona Lisa where ever I go for my Mona Lisa is a part of me and it is impossible for me to go with my mysterious Mona Lisa.

I just cannot stop loving my Mona Lisa because God made it so from the beginning of my existence. The Mona Lisa painting has survived for many generation, in like manner has my living Mona Lisa survived and she will continue to survive because life is her portion. My Mona Lisa is complete beauty that confirmed God also created the angels in the heaven and, if God created every other things then he must have created the goddess for she possess the inexplicable beauty of a goddess yet we know that man must not live by facial beauty alone but by every good thing which makes the beauty useful to mankind. My Mona Lisa confirmed that aspect of beauty because she has positively influenced many lives. Little wonder some people tried to steal her from me but they couldn’t because we have no other place to go as we belong together, we belong to each other.

Today, I celebrate the day my Mona Lisa was made in heaven and, like an angel, was sent to watch over me in this wicked world were evil prevails. She willingly took the task and did it so perfectly well that each day she keeps reminding me of the reasons of my existence. She is by my side during the bad and good times for my side is the only place she can be found at all time. The almighty God that sent her to me shall continue to bless, protect, and guide her. Above all, God shall increase her in wisdom and strength to continue doing the heavenly work she was sent to do on earth.

Oh!!! My Mona Lisa, now I am beginning to understand why, my friend and brother, Leonardo da Vince, treasured you such much. You are truly a treasure to anyone that has you, Mona Lisa, for mystery, itself, is a treasure to those that succeeds to find and unveil it or to those that it continues to baffle. You are still on top of my leader for that is where you will forever belong.

Happy birthday, my mysterious Mona Lisa and you, alone, are enough for me for you have made me fall in love over and over again, that I have really experienced the bottomless pit.


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 4 years ago

      Thanks, Smw1962, love is great.

    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 4 years ago


    • smw1962 profile image

      smw1962 4 years ago

      What a nice expression of affection!